Expat Blogs in Angola

Few resources can build a better picture of expat life in Angola than the blogs maintained by already established expatriates. Whether these writers are recounting great challenges, relaying funny encounters, delivering crucial advice and important tips, or reaching out to those around them, their insight affords others a unique and personal glimpse into their new life in Angola.

Best expat blogs in Angola

Expat Mommy in Angola

Youmna shares her experiences of expat life in the bustling city of Luanda with her husband and small children in this engaging and informative blog.

►Nationality: Lebanese
Expat Mommy in Angola

Travel drafts

Jorge and Claudia are an expat couple from Portugal who experienced expat life in Luanda and used their time there as an opportunity to explore Africa.

Nationality: Portuguese

Lass O'Luanda

Texas-hailing expat Cheryl shares her experiences as a trailing spouse in some insightfully humorous posts.

Nationality: American

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