Essential Info for Chile

Population: About 18 million

Capital city: Santiago 

Neighbouring countries: Chile is bordered by Bolivia and Argentina to the east, and Peru to the north.

Geography: Chile's geography is varied and diverse. The country is home to a significant portion of the Andes mountain region as well as the Atacama desert. Chilean territory also includes an extensive coastline and South America's southernmost points. 

Political system: Unitary presidential constitutional republic

Major religion: Catholicism 

Main language: Spanish

Money: Chile's currency is the Chilean Peso (CLP). ATMs are abundant and expats should be able to use their credit cards in all major urban centres. 

Tipping: Standard 10 percent in restaurants, usually less for other services

Time: GMT-4 (GMT-3 from August to May). Easter Island is GMT-6 (GMT-5 from August to May).

Electricity: 220V, 50Hz. Plugs with two or three round pins are used.

Internet domain: .cl

International dialling code: +56

Emergency numbers: 131 (ambulance), 132 (fire), 133 (police)

Transport and Driving: Cars in Chile drive on the right-hand side of the road. Most major urban centres have efficient and reliable transport systems, and there is an extensive network of buses and trains throughout the country.

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