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Updated 20 Sep 2019

Expat families moving to Singapore will have a plethora of international schools to choose from. For many, budget will be a major factor in making this decision. For ease of reference, we’ve put together some tips along with a list of international school fees in Singapore for 2019/2020 academic year.

Getting to grips with international school fees

School fees generally increase each year as a child progresses to higher grade levels and can vary according to choice of curriculum. Optional extras such as excursions, extra-curricular activities or language support will usually attract additional fees on top of the compulsory fees listed below.

Terminology regarding fees tends to vary between schools, as does the composition of fees. Some schools split fees into categories while others bundle fees into one sum total. For example, most international schools in Singapore require a set contribution each year which goes towards maintaining the school premises. This is known as a "building fee" or "capital levy". When comparing costs, it's important to check whether this fee is an additional charge or not.

Before reviewing an application, schools will normally require a fee upfront. This covers administration costs that are incurred throughout the application process. Sometimes this fee is solely used to fund the administration of an entry exam, leading to some schools calling this a "placement test fee". Registration fees, on the other hand, are typically charged at the end of the application process and act as a deposit to secure the student's place in the school. Registration fees are sometimes called confirmation fees or enrolment fees. 

Annual fees are usually payable in instalments that are divided up according to school terms. Fees can also be paid in one lump sum at the start of the school year if parents wish. Schools often offer a slightly discounted rate for those who pay for the full year upfront.

School fees for the 2019/2020 academic year

This table is comprised of the annual fees of some of Singapore's most prominent international schools. All fees are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and are inclusive of 7 percent Goods and Services Tax (GST).

We've arranged the schools in price order, with the more expensive schools at the top.

Tanglin Trust School
Annual fees: Basic fees: 27,714 (Nursery) to 45,828 (Years 12 and 13). Capital levy: 3,750 SGD. 
Once-off fees: Enrolment fee: 3,750 SGD 

ISS International School
Annual fees: Basic fees: 28,422 SGD (K1 and K2) to 41,354 SGD (Grades 9 to 12)
Once-off fees: Placement test fee: 500 SGD. Enrolment fee: 3,600 SGD

Canadian International School
Annual fees: Basic fees: 16,000 SGD (nursery half-day) to 40,900 SGD (Grades 11 and 12)
Once-off fees: Application fee: 2,500 SGD. Registration fee: 3,500 SGD

German European School Singapore
Annual fees: Basic fees: 5,410 SGD (nursery two half-days a week) to 34,010 SGD (IB Year 12). Development levy: 4,890 SGD. Learning materials: 40 SGD to 250 SGD.
Once-off fees: Application fee: 2,945 SGD

Chatsworth International School
Annual fees: Basic fees: 23,819.40 SGD (K1 and K2) to 32,788 SGD (Years 12 and 13)
Once-off fees: Application fee: 250 SGD. Confirmation fee: 2,500 SGD

Global Indian International School Singapore
Annual fees: Basic fees: 18,304 SGD (CBSE Nursery, KG1 and KG2)  to 29,836 SGD (IB Year 12)
Once-off fees: Registration fee: 445 SGD (CBSE Nursery, KG1 and KG2) to 3926 SGD (IB Year 12)

One World International School
Annual fees: Basic fees: 18,640 SGD (Early Childhood 1 to 3) to 21,545 SGD (Grades 7 to 12)
Once-off fees: Application fee: 1,102 SGD

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these figures, expats should contact the relevant school for more information and definitive figures.

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