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South Africa
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I grew up in South Africa and always felt at home amongst the rolling oceans and endless skies. I always felt deep loyalty towards my home country but coupled with this felt a wish to travel and to explore. After completing my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English Literature I went on to attain a teaching certificate. I then found myself settled in a quaint little house with good friends, a good job, a steady income and a gorgeous little cat. I realised that the time had come. The possibility to live out my days in the university town of Grahamstown was gaining in strength daily. I now had to either go abroad or stop saying that one day I would.  

This realisation was the beginning and in a whirlwind six months after which I found myself in Taipei, Taiwan. At first everything was different, huge, new and overwhelming but as time went by I began to sense that actually everything was still the same. It was still me looking at the world. It was still me drawing conclusions and making perceptions through the same mental habits and constructs that I had always used. With this development life returned to normality and I was ready to accept all of the promises of living in a foreign country, to find the experiences and to see the excitement.