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How you can be a better writer

I've been writing professionally for more than a decade and have been writing precepts for almost as long. At every conference, in every writing corps, and in every class, there is always a writer who asks: "How can I be a better writer?" You can get the answer to this and many other questions at-

They don't really like my answer. "Practice writing every day and read and contemplate other people's work every day."

They don't like the answer for one cardinal reason. Anyone is looking for some quick-fix, magic formula that will make them a good writer in III simple steps. Although my belief only applies to the cardinal steps, it is quite obvious that this is a long-term project. Another group of people will despise the first because they think they are "real writers," but they don't like the answer any more than the rest of us do. They think they have a gift that just needs to be unlocked by the magic key that published, thriving writers have.

In fact, there is no other artifact to improve your writing skills than constant practice. Write every day. Experiment, plan, revise and revise. Set goals, set deadlines, and have competitions. Push yourself, and your creativity will reward you. If questions arise, the experts at
can easily help you. I promise. Compose something inspired by a writer you admire, and thus compose something entirely your own.

However, it is not enough to compose purely--or in ivory post. You must also read the works of others. Read lots and lots and lots of variety. Read fiction and nonfiction, poetry and song lyrics. Read argument and persuasion, informational and biographical material, ability and imagination. Read beginners and seasoned professionals and those who are just beginning to write.