Moving to Algeria

Expats moving to Algeria will find themselves in a fascinating and untouched North African gem. While not a high-profile expat destination, it does attract those with experience in the oil and gas sectors. Others are drawn to opportunities in the finance, education and foreign aid sectors. 

Although Algeria is an African and Arabic country, there is also a distinct French influence, thanks to its colonial past – this can especially be seen in the language and architecture. But while major cities like Algiers and Oran are quite liberal on the surface, social and religious conservatism are deeply entrenched and expats should always show respect for the local customs and traditions.

Expats will have access to public healthcare in Algeria, but the public system is largely underfunded and it's essential that expats have comprehensive private health insurance to cover the costs of private medical care, including cover for evacuation to a nearby country with better health provision. With an education system based on the French system and classes taught in Arabic and French, expats mostly send their children to international schools, of which there are a handful to choose from in Algiers and Oran.

Security is a significant issue in some parts of Algeria, mostly in the oil-producing regions and the southern Saharan areas. Certain parts of the country are not considered safe to visit, notably the border areas in the south and with Tunisia, and numerous governments advise their nationals against travel to these areas.

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