There is a variety of accommodation in Algeria for expats to choose from. Where an expat lives will depend on their circumstances and the type of work they do. Those living in the main cities will likely live in apartments or villas, while expats working in the more remote oilfields will probably live within secure compounds managed by their companies.

Types of accommodation in Algeria

Algerian cities offer several types of accommodation, including studios, apartments and villas. Both furnished and unfurnished accommodation is available, with the former being more popular among expats.

Security is always an important consideration when searching for accommodation in Algeria. Those that work in the oilfields, in particular, will likely be housed in compound accommodation that is heavily secured.

Furnished and unfurnished

In Algeria, expats can choose between furnished and unfurnished accommodation. Furnished properties come equipped with furniture, appliances and other essentials, making it convenient for expats who do not wish to invest in these items or transport their belongings. Unfurnished properties, on the other hand, offer flexibility for those who prefer to bring their furniture or customise their living space to their liking.

Short lets

Short-term leases are also available for expats who plan to stay in Algeria for a limited period or are still exploring their options. These leases can range from a few weeks to a few months and often come with furnished accommodations. They provide greater flexibility and ease for expats who need to relocate within the country or are on a temporary work assignment.

Finding accommodation in Algeria

It is important to note that knowledge of French and some understanding of the local housing market and residential neighbourhoods are essential when searching for housing online. Enlisting the services of a local real-estate agent can greatly assist in navigating the process, and many expats can also rely on the assistance of their employers in their housing search.

Many popular real estate websites offer listings for housing in Algeria, providing an excellent starting point.

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Renting accommodation in Algeria


Leases in Algeria are typically signed on a one-year basis, but expats may also find month-to-month rentals. Lease agreements are usually drawn up in Arabic, making it essential to have them translated into English to ensure expats fully understand their obligations. Real-estate agents can assist in this process, providing a smooth and informed experience.

Deposits, costs and fees

Paying a year's rent in advance is not unusual in Algeria, although expats renting on a short-term lease will most likely be able to pay rent each month. It is also required to pay a deposit equal to a month's rent when signing the lease. This deposit is refunded once the lease has ended and the tenant hasn't damaged the premises during their occupation period. On top of rent and the deposit, expats must also know they will be charged agency fees.

Terminating the lease

Expats who need to terminate their lease early must be aware of any potential penalties or conditions outlined in the lease agreement. Providing proper notice and discussing the situation with the landlord or property management company can help to minimise any financial impact. It is essential to be familiar with the lease terms and local regulations to avoid complications during the termination process.

Utilities in Algeria

In Algeria, expats are responsible for managing and paying for their utilities unless they reside in a secure compound where utilities are usually included in the rental agreement. This means that expats living in compounds do not need to worry about setting up accounts or paying for individual utilities, as the management company or landlord takes care of these expenses.

Natural gas is the primary source of energy for heating and cooking in Algeria. The state-owned company Sonelgaz is the primary provider of gas services in the country. To set up a gas connection, expats will need to contact Sonelgaz and provide the necessary documents, such as a lease agreement or proof of residence.

Electricity in Algeria is also supplied by Sonelgaz. The electricity in Algeria operates on a 230-volt system with a frequency of 50 Hz.

The Algerian Water (AdE) authority manages water supply and distribution in Algeria. To set up a water connection, expats need to contact the local water provider and provide the necessary documents, including the lease agreement and proof of residence.

Waste collection and disposal services are managed by local municipalities in Algeria. In most urban areas, waste collection occurs regularly, while recycling facilities are limited. Expats are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the waste collection schedule and any recycling options available.

Internet and telephone services are widely available in Algeria, with the leading providers being Algérie Télécom, Ooredoo and Djezzy.

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  • Residents can upload their meter readings and pay their accounts on the Sonelgaz website.
  • The Algerian Water portal allows registered users to manage their subscriptions, estimate bills and submit complaints and connection requests.
  • The state-owned Algérie Télécom and the private Djezzy and Ooredoo are the most prominent phone and internet providers in Algeria.

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