Accommodation in Detroit

There is something for everybody when it comes to accommodation in Detroit. The city is home to not just characterful urban neighbourhoods, but also lovely green spaces and sprawling houses in the suburbs.

Most people tend to rent in Detroit when first arriving, but they may be encouraged by the affordable property market to eventually buy property in Detroit.

Types of accommodation in Detroit

Thanks to regeneration of the city, Detroit has experienced much investment in recent years which has in turn increased property values. Although prices are rising, the city remains affordable in comparison to other major US cities.

Expats will find a variety of accommodation options in Detroit. A mixture of high-rise residential blocks and low-rise townhouses dominate the downtown areas, while larger family homes with gardens can be found further out in the surrounding suburbs.


As with any big city, there is a myriad of options available when choosing an apartment in Detroit. While it may not have an iconic skyline like New York City or Seattle, there are still many decent high-rise spots in the city’s central districts. Along with this, there are also smaller condos and low-rise residential blocks, especially in the suburbs.


There is a huge variety of houses available in Detroit’s middle- and upper-class neighbourhoods. Going against the stereotypical vision of Detroit as an urban jungle, there are loads of safe suburbs perfect for raising families. A huge range of housing styles can be seen in Detrot from gorgeous Gilded Age properties to Gothic Revival, Federal and Victorian-style homes. 

Finding accommodation in Detroit

Online listings are the primary way of exploring housing options in Detroit and a good way for new arrivals to familiarise themselves with the city’s property market prior to relocation. Alternatively, real estate agents are also an option. However, they will charge a fee for their services.

When looking for a home in Detroit, families should consider areas close to schools and colleges, and working professionals should also factor in their work commute, which can become tedious as there is a degree of traffic congestion in the city.

Signing a lease in Detroit

As with all rental contracts, it’s vital to make note of all fees, costs, and requirements before signing a lease. Tenants will have to pay a deposit, usually equivalent to one month’s rent, in addition to the first month’s rent to secure the rental agreement.

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