Welcome to Pinetops, a charming town in North Carolina's Edgecombe County, nestled among the beautiful pine treetops. Conveniently situated between Greenville, Wilson, Rocky Mount, and Raleigh, Pinetops is an ideal home base for commuting to these vibrant economic hubs.

With a population of just over 1,000, Pinetops has a tight-knit community with friendly people and a host of annual events that all contribute to a beautiful quality of life for those living here.

Cost of living in Pinetops

Similar to the rest of North Carolina, the cost of living in Pinetops is reasonable. Housing costs in Pinetops fall well below the national and state averages. North Carolina's freezing winters increase utility costs, so newcomers should account for this in their budgets.

Everyday living expenses like groceries and transportation are affordable. Most new arrivals will need to buy and maintain a car, especially if they commute to nearby major cities. Income taxes in Pinetops are also more affordable than in most parts of the country, further contributing to a lower cost of living.

Out-of-pocket healthcare costs in Pinetops are steep, often exceeding the state and national averages. New arrivals are encouraged to secure comprehensive health insurance to reduce their healthcare expenses.

Getting around in Pinetops

Pinetops is a car-dependent town with minimal public transport options. Residents have access to the North Carolina Highway, which enables quick access to Rocky Mount and Greenville.

Although Pinetops does not have a public transport system, some Greenville, Wilson, and Rocky Mount bus services run through the town.  

The City of Rocky Mount's Tar River Transit offers public shuttle routes in Pinetops. The service runs during the week at certain times of the day and provides a commute from Dunn Complex Pinetops to downtown Rocky Mount.  

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Healthcare in Pinetops

Despite its small size, Pinetops boasts exceptional healthcare facilities. One of North Carolina's most extensive healthcare systems, ECU Health Family Medicine, has a centre in Pinetops.

ECU Health Family Medicine – Pinetops is a health and wellness clinic serving families in the town. Residents seeking urgent care or emergency services are better off heading to Rocky Mount. Nearby Greenville is also known for its excellent healthcare, which boasts a wide range of services, including elective care.

Understanding Health Insurance in the USA provides more on navigating the country's health insurance system.

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Schools in Pinetops

Edgecombe County Public Schools oversees the three public schools within the town's limits. Pinetops residents have access to Carver Elementary School, South Edgecombe Middle School, and South West Edgecombe High School.

Edgecombe County Public Schools is home to an exceptional athletics programme. There are also federal programmes to support children with special educational needs. Although there are no private schools in Pinetops, parents looking to provide their children with a more specialised education will have several options to explore in Rocky Mount, Wilson, and Elm City.

Most private schools in Edgecombe County teach the American curriculum through a religious framework. Others, like Rocky Mount Academy, boast high-quality teaching standards that prepare students to enter the US college system. Expat parents looking to ensure their children continue their education learning a similar curriculum are better off searching for options in Charlotte or Raleigh.

Pinetops caters to students of all ages, thanks to the presence of numerous higher education institutions in Rocky Mount, Tarboro, and Wilson. The most popular among these is Edgecombe Community College, which has campuses in both Rocky Mount and Tarboro.

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Weather in Pinetops

Pinetops enjoys a humid subtropical climate, bringing hot, sunny summers and mostly mild winters. Summers (June to August) are sweltering, with average highs reaching 90°F (32°C). Rainfall is typical during this season, often in afternoon thunderstorms.

Winter (December to February) is mild, and average lows typically reach 34°F (1°C). Although snowfall is rare in Pinetops, it can occur. Winters in the town are generally dry.

Working in Pinetops

The economy in Pinetops is mainly industrial, with the manufacturing industry employing most locals. Power plant equipment supplier ABB has a manufacturing facility in Pinetops, which employs more than 400 people. The town also has a Sleepworthy factory, meaning new arrivals with engineering and research experience can access work opportunities in Pinetops.

Many new arrivals moving to Pinetops work in neighbouring cities like Greenville or the Research Triangle in the Raleigh-Durham metro area. The retail and sales industries are also lucrative for those looking to work in Pinetops. Educators can also find work opportunities in one of the many schools, colleges, and universities in Edgecombe County and the Raleigh-Durham metro area.

Accommodation in Pinetops

Accommodation in Pinetops is exceptionally affordable and offers residents a mix of suburban and rural homes. One of the most exciting aspects of moving to Pinetops is the strong community spirit, so new arrivals looking to live in a tight-knit community will enjoy living here.

Those who will be commuting to Greenville or the Raleigh-Durham metro area for work should carefully consider the proximity of their home to the local and regional highways. Driving is the most common way of commuting in Pinetops, which can lead to traffic congestion on the town's roads.

As a small town with a tiny geographic area, Pinetops does not have distinct neighbourhoods like many larger towns and cities. Some of the most popular residential streets in Pinetops include South Second Street and North Main Street. These streets feature single-family homes built in various architectural styles, which attracts many new families to the town.

Families seeking convenient access to essential amenities such as shops and schools but want to avoid the bustling downtown area will love Edgecombe Avenue. This area offers its residents a distinct neighbourhood with welcoming and friendly people.

Many new developments are popping up in the town, offering new builds that often attract younger buyers or renters. The small downtown area is also perfect for those who want to be close to shops and restaurants. New arrivals who prefer a more tranquil and rural lifestyle can explore the outskirts of Pinetops to find larger plots that offer more privacy.

Lifestyle in Pinetops

Pinetops's lifestyle offers its residents plenty to see and do throughout the year. Thanks to the town's central location, it's easy to travel to Greenville, Raleigh, or Durham for more diverse shopping, entertainment, and dining options.

One of the biggest highlights in the Pinetops annual event calendar is the Pinetops 300 Truck and Tractor Pull. Petrolheads are in for a treat at this event. The proceeds fund the Southedgecombe Fire Department.

The Centennial House is a must-see for history enthusiasts in Pinetops. The museum houses artefacts and information detailing the first 100 years of Pinetops's history. The neighbouring towns of Tarboro, Princeville, and Rocky Mount are also home to heritage, veterans, and artist museums.

Sports lovers are encouraged to visit the Maccripine Country Club, where they will find sporting facilities for golf, tennis, and swimming. The 18-hole golf course is replete with a pro shop, enabling golfers to enjoy a leisurely yet challenging day teeing it up.

Thanks to the easy access to the Tar River, new arrivals to Pinetops can enjoy various outdoor pursuits like paddling, fishing, and kayaking. There are also smaller local parks that families can visit for a fun afternoon in the sun.

Gourmands and shopaholics should visit Tarboro for restaurants offering various cuisines and exciting shopping opportunities.

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