There are several schooling options available for expat children in Antwerp. The city is home to a few reputable international schools as well as some good public and private schools. Parents will need to consider the fees, language of instruction, and location of any prospective schools before deciding on one.

Public education in Belgium is free and is managed at the regional level. Children can start school at two-and-a-half years, but attendance is only compulsory between ages six and 18.

See Education and schools in Belgium for more on the national education system.

Public schools in Antwerp

Public schools are divided into pre-schools, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Flemish (a regional dialect of Dutch) is the language of instruction, and other languages are introduced towards the end of primary school. Children under 12 who do not speak Dutch can attend any primary school.

In contrast, non-Dutch-speaking children over 12 must attend a school with additional classes for foreign-language speakers. These reception classes are focused on intensive Dutch-language learning. The child is fully integrated into all regular classes as soon as possible.

Private schools in Antwerp

There are a few private schools available in Antwerp. The language of instruction in these schools is usually Flemish. Expats who plan to stay in the city long-term or whose children already speak the local language will find private schools an excellent option. Most private schools in the city are Roman Catholic, but do allow students of different faiths.

International schools in Antwerp

Most expats on short-term assignments in Belgium send their children to an international school. These provide various curricula, including the American, British and International Baccalaureate programmes. The language of instruction is typically English, and most give students a choice of French or Dutch classes. International schools are popular among expat parents, as the familiar language and curriculum can ease the transition between schools. That said, international schools can be fairly expensive, so parents should ensure their budget can cover the tuition.

For a list of recommended schools for expats, see International Schools in Antwerp.

Special-needs education in Antwerp

Special-needs education in Belgium focuses on inclusion and equality. The government is committed to ensuring each child exercises their right to education. Each language community has a respective Ministry of Education.

The ministry will first attempt to immerse a child into a mainstream school. If this is not possible or suitable, children would then be enrolled in a specialist school. There are various categories of specialist schools in Belgium. Some schools are focused on physical disabilities, and others will focus on learning or behavioural difficulties.

Tutors in Antwerp

Whether parents are looking to improve their child's language skills, boost their grades in a problem subject or get assistance in preparing for a big exam, expat families can make good use of the many high-quality tutors in Antwerp. There are numerous large and small companies, as well as independent tutors, who can be hired to help. It can be particularly useful to ask fellow expats and the child's school for recommendations.

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