Nestled in the heart of England, Northampton is perfectly situated for easy travel through the country. With comprehensive road, bus and rail networks, getting around Northampton is relatively painless. Be that as it may, many of the town’s residents have opted for private vehicles to make chauffeuring the tots and travelling to the countryside a breeze.

Public transport in Northampton


Northampton’s bus station, North Gate Station, is where the local buses and coaches to nearby towns can be found. Stagecoach operates most of the local routes, but there are a few services that operate in the town centre and the outskirts of town as well.

Buses in Northampton are generally reliable and there are dedicated bus lanes which ensure that buses frequently arrive on schedule. Most services are fairly affordable and comfortable, and some even offer WiFi.

There are plenty of ways to pay for one’s bus trip in Northampton, including cash, contactless and using the specific service’s mobile app. The North Gate Buzz Card is an unlimited ticket, which is available for five services across Northampton, Grange Park, Moulton and Boughton, and is a great way to save money while commuting.


With more than 3 million rail commuters each year, Northampton has solidified its status as a commuter town. The rail network in the town forms part of the West Coast Main Line, and the recently renovated Northampton Train Station is one of the busiest in the region. The station usually opens between 6am and 9pm during the week and closes an hour earlier on Sundays.

Regular travellers will be happy to know that the rail network provides easy access to both north and south England, with trains to London, Birmingham and Milton Keynes every 20 minutes. The station also offers excellent amenities such as bicycle storage, parking and coffee shops.

Taxis in Northampton

Taxis are few and far between in Northampton, and new arrivals who live outside the town centre will have to call and book a taxi in advance. That said, new arrivals can still hail a hackney carriage off the street in the town centre and outside the rail and bus station.

Private taxis such as Skyline Taxis and Amber Taxis are also available using the company’s mobile app or by phone. New arrivals should ensure the taxi is licensed by the Northampton Borough Council before embarking on their journey. Licensed taxis will either have dark pink and white or white and yellow licence plates, as well as a meter. 

Driving in Northampton

Outside of public transport, driving in Northampton is one of the most popular ways to get around the town. Most residents prefer owning a private vehicle to make transporting the kids and travelling to the town centre more convenient. Still, new arrivals should consider car ownership carefully since Northampton charges a road tax and petrol and parking prices remain high.

Northampton’s road infrastructure is well established, and the town is a short hop away from major national highway networks, which lead to London and Birmingham in under two hours. The local council has recently introduced measures to ensure that motorists adhere to the town centre's road rules, including installing security cameras, so newcomers should take care to avoid being fined.

Cycling in Northampton

Cycling is a fun, free and healthy way to commute and cyclists in Northampton will feel right at home, thanks to the dedicated cycle paths and storage facilities. Unfortunately, the council-sponsored bicycle-hiring scheme is no longer operational. Cycling enthusiasts who do not have a set of wheels are in luck, though, as several private companies offer similar services.

The leisure cycling culture in Northampton is also thriving, and the Northampton Bike Park is the perfect place for adventure cyclists to enjoy some time in nature while honing their skills.

Air travel in Northampton

Northampton is conveniently located less than three hours away from Luton London Airport and Birmingham Airport, making it the perfect base for regular travellers as both airports operate local and international flights.

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