Choosing a school will likely be among the most important for parents moving to Slough. Fortunately, the standard of education and schools in Slough is among the best in the UK, with the town boasting many schools rated "Good" and "Outstanding" in Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) reports. 

Parents can decide between government and independent schools in Slough. They will have to factor in their children’s language and academic abilities, as the right schooling environment can significantly impact their children’s perception of the relocation.  

For parents looking to enrol their young ones in a state-funded school, their location will be key, as government schools in the UK admit students based on catchment areas. Independent schools allow parents more flexibility when it comes to location.

State-funded schools in Slough 

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Slough is home to a selection of state-funded schools, including grammar schools and special-needs schools. State-funded schools are available to UK citizens and legal residents at no cost and are generally adequately equipped. Still, standards may vary across different schools, so parents are encouraged to check Ofsted inspection reports and visit the school before enrolling their children.  

Learn more about the education system and state-funded schools in the UK

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Independent schools in Slough 

Independent (private) schools are a popular choice in the UK. These schools tend to be better equipped than their public counterparts, with higher educational standards and smaller class sizes.  

Independent schools offer the national British curriculum, with some specialising in subject areas such as arts, languages, or sciences. Some offer the national curriculum with a religious focus or include aspects of alternative educational approaches, such as Montessori.  

Private schools are expensive and often have additional costs related to uniforms, stationery and extracurricular activities. Some offer scholarships for academically gifted students, so this may be an option for parents to explore. 

Read Education and Schools in the UK to learn more about independent schools in the country. 

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International Schools in Slough

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Newly arrived families who will not be staying in the UK long term or whose children are not proficient in English sometimes choose international schools for their children. These schools offer the curriculum of a particular country, such as France, Germany, or the US. 

These schools also allow children to meet and build relationships with others who share similar experiences, which may help with integration into the local culture. While international schools can be fantastic for expat children, fees at these institutions are high, so parents should ensure they can comfortably fit these costs into their budgets.

Slough has no international schools, but its central location allows students to commute to the capital, where there is a selection of international schools offering a wide range of curricula. The French Lycée in South Kensington and the American School in Waverley Place in Regents Park are within commuting distance. Some international and private schools offering the IB curriculum, such as nearby St George’s School Windsor Castle, also offer boarding facilities.  

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