The most glamorous of Brazil’s cities and one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Rio de Janeiro is certainly an exciting place to call home. The city's stunning beaches and natural beauty, as well as its lively culture and annual festivities, attract millions of visitors annually.

Living in Rio de Janeiro as an expat

Rio is an important commercial hub of Brazil. Major oil, textile, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, media and communications companies have a presence in the city, while it also boasts a number of important educational institutions. This diversified economy attracts many foreign workers to Rio’s shores every year, making it a popular expat destination. But competition for employment is also high. The majority of expats moving to Rio de Janeiro for work have been transferred there as part of a relocation package with their current employer.

Cost of living in Rio de Janeiro

For expats earning in a foreign currency, the cost of living in Rio de Janeiro is reasonable and well below that of major expat destinations in Western Europe and North America. As with most Brazilian cities, the extremes of wealth and poverty are visible in Rio. Expats being paid in the local currency will likely feel the pinch and should budget adequately to ensure all costs are covered.

Expat families and children

Expats moving to Rio with children need not stress about education. There are several international schools in the city. It’s also essential for expats living in Rio to be covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan. Public healthcare in Rio is underdeveloped. Most expats prefer private facilities which offer high-quality healthcare but at a high price.

Climate in Rio de Janeiro

With its stunning beaches and favourable year-round climate, Rio enjoys a far more relaxed lifestyle than other major Brazilian cities such as São Paulo or Brasília. Warm, sunny days are frequent.

As residents of one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Cariocas (as the locals are referred to) are used to having foreigners in their city. They are generally open and welcoming towards newcomers, especially if they make an effort to speak Portuguese. With a little time and effort, expats are sure to settle into their new life in this vibrant city.

Expat Health Insurance

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