The second city of the vast state of Maharashtra, Pune is an exciting expat destination. With a population of 7 million, Pune has the hustle and bustle of any major Indian city, but it also boasts unrivalled natural beauty.

A result of the confluence of the Mula and Mutha Rivers in Pune, the grand Mula-Mutha is a stunning feature of the city, while Pune's outer limits are surrounded by dense forests and rolling hills. With all this on offer, plus plenty of job opportunities, a fairly low cost of living, and friendly locals, it's no wonder Pune has been named by many as India's most liveable city.

Living in Pune as an expat

Pune is a thriving hub for numerous industries, the most prominent of which include IT, manufacturing and education. Though Bengaluru remains India's top city for information technology, Pune's own IT industry has become notable for its rapid growth, having brought much economic success to the city.

Meanwhile, manufacturing continues to play a big role in Pune's economy, as it has done for decades, while the city's universities remain popular among international students, with Pune living up to its long-held moniker of 'the Oxford of the east'.

After hours, Pune's energy keeps going as it offers a vibrant city lifestyle packed full of interesting things to see and do. One downside is that work commutes and other travel around the city aren't always easy. Public transport is limited and traffic is often heavy. Some expats find that hiring a local driver can ease much of the stress of a daily commute.

Cost of living in Pune

One of Pune's most appealing qualities is its reasonable cost of living. While the pricing of accommodation couldn't be considered cheap, it's certainly more affordable than in India's megacities, and other costs, such as groceries and utilities, are much gentler on the pocket.

Expat families and children

Families moving to Pune should find plenty to keep the kids occupied. There's a wide range of easily accessible fun activities, and good education options are easy to find, provided that parents (or their employers) are able to shoulder the high costs of international schools.

Climate in Pune

Barring the monsoon season, Pune has a pleasant climate, with mild conditions being typical throughout most of the year. This leaves residents able to enjoy all that the city has to offer at any time of year, whether they're keen for a hike to the forts, a day by the riverside or just a picnic in a local park.

Settling into life in Pune may seem overwhelming at first, especially if expats have never lived in an Indian city before. But with so much to look forward to, and with friendly locals happy to lend a hand, expats are bound to find their place in this vibrant and exciting corner of India.

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