Lifestyle in Moscow

From its Soviet-era apartment blocks to opulent churches and government buildings, Moscow is a city of contrasts. Known as a city of romance and revolution, expats will find an interesting lifestyle in Moscow that may take some time to get used to.

Moscow is a vibrant metropolis bursting with energy and creativity. Not only is it Russia’s political and economic centre, it also forms the country’s cultural and artistic heart and there are plenty of shopping opportunities, eateries, and a lively nightlife to enjoy. Although expats will find the cost of living in Moscow exorbitant, there are plenty of pursuits to enjoy without breaking the bank. 

Shopping in Moscow

Moscow shopping certainly caters for big spenders, but for those who don’t have the means to shop like the rich and famous there are many bargains to be found.

There are various malls and boutiques in the city centre. Okhotny Ryad, at Manezhnaya Square, has high-street fashions and electronic goods, software and DVDs can be found in many suburban warehouses. 

Local markets include the Izmailovsky Park market and the Cheremushinsky Rynok market. The exclusive Eliseev Gastronome supermarket sells the best caviar and vodka in the city. 

Eating out in Moscow

There is a variety of cuisine available in Moscow and expats will find international flavours well represented in the city, from Eastern delights to Western eateries and fast-food joints. There are also plenty of good local restaurants offering classic Russian cuisine. 

Eating out in Moscow can be expensive, and middle-range restaurants fill up quickly so it’s best to book in advance. Some of the best restaurants in Moscow are located in the Garden Ring and Kitay areas, as well as in the Poklonnaya Hill area. Red Square and Kiyevsky Station Square are also popular dining areas. 

Entertainment and nightlife in Moscow

The nightlife in Moscow is extraordinary, featuring everything from bars and clubs to bowling alleys, billiards rooms and casinos. The trendiest nightlife areas are in and around Arbat, Kitay Gorod and the Garden Ring. 

Winters can be long and dreary and it’s no surprise that the local population turns to alcohol to numb the impact. With some of the highest levels of alcohol consumption worldwide, drinks are sure to feature at all social occasions, particularly Russia’s famous vodka.

For those with more refined tastes, the performing arts are alive and well in the city. Ballet and opera, in particular, are popular attractions. 

The city’s cold climate will appeal to winter sports enthusiasts. Ice-skating is an especially popular pastime that is enjoyed year round, but particularly in the colder months when Moscow becomes a winter wonderland with outdoor skating rinks dotted around the city.

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