What's On in Moscow

There is always something happening in Moscow, and the city teems with cultural festivals. While it may not be on the same level as St Petersburg, Moscow can hold its weight when it comes to things to do. Expats in Moscow should keep an eye out for the following annual events:

Russian Winter Festival (December / January)

The Russian Winter Festival is held over the Christmas and New Year period and features lots of Russian cuisine and vodka, traditional folk music and troika (sleigh) rides.

Maslenitsa Festival (February / March)

As a prelude to the deprivations of Lent, and in celebration of the end of winter and the entrance of spring, the Maslenitsa Festival encourages locals and expats to indulge in as many delicious, golden pancakes as possible. Locals take part in bare-knuckle fist fights and enjoy puppet shows, masquerades and sleigh riding until their heart’s content.

White Night Festival (May)

This is a fantastic cultural event that happens every year and involves numerous ballet, opera and classical performances. Expats should use this as an opportunity to get to know the musical and cultural side of Moscow, which has a rich history stretching back many centuries.

Millionaire Fair (October)

An October event best attended without a bank card, the Millionaire Fair features the exhibition and sale of the world’s “most sought-after” luxury goods. Golden coffeemakers, diamond-encrusted mobile phones and Bugatti supercars are just some of the extravagant products available for purchase.

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