Working in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic's favourable economic climate has attracted many expats in recent years. With a stable economy and close transport links to Germany and Russia, there are also increasing investment opportunities in the country.

EU citizens are able to easily live and work in the country since as they do not require a work permit. However, non-EU citizens should be aware that they will need a work permit to take up employment in the Czech Republic.

Job market in Czech Republic

New arrivals will have to compete with the highly educated local labour force. The majority of expats working in the Czech Republic will find employment in Prague but there are also opportunities in smaller towns and cities, particularly in the tourism sector.

The Czech Republic's main industries include engineering, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, especially in the automotive industry. Finance, tourism and IT are growing industries. 

Most foreigners find work teaching English in the Czech Republic, or within the tech industry, in engineering or fulfilling various roles within multinational companies that have offices in the country  

Finding a job in Czech Republic

With a highly educated and skilled workforce, competition for top jobs in the Czech Republic may be fierce. Nevertheless, for those expats with the right credentials, there are opportunities to explore in the country. It is recommended that expats secure employment in advance of moving to the Czech Republic.

Job opportunities can be found through online job portals or by directly contacting a local recruitment agency. The Czech government also runs public employment agencies which list job opportunities and assist with applications. Otherwise, employment opportunities can be found by looking for postings on the websites of specific multinational companies.  

Czech is the main language of business and potential employers might expect resumes and applications to be in Czech. 

Work culture in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a favourable business environment, and foreigners should not have trouble adjusting to working life in the country. The business culture in the Czech Republic is mostly formal, and building personal relationships is important to doing business

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