Most foreigners looking to enter Cambodia will need a visa. Expats from Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Brunei, Singapore and China, are eligible for visa-free entry in Cambodia. Expats from other countries will need to apply for a single-entry visa.

Tourist visas for Cambodia

The T-visa is valid for up to three months and allows visitors a 30-day stay in Cambodia. Travellers can apply and pay for this visa on Cambodia’s e-visa website. Those keen to explore Cambodia some more can apply for an additional 30-day extension after entering the country.

Ordinary visas for Cambodia 

Expats who have accepted an employment offer in Cambodia or received an invitation from a Cambodian registered company are eligible to apply for the E-visa. The E-visa allows a 30-day stay in Cambodia with the possibility for an extension of three, six or 12 months. Expats must submit their invitation letter and proof of health insurance with their application form and identity documents.

There are four types of E-visa extensions:

  • EB visa extension (for expats who are working, volunteering or freelancing in Cambodia as well as their spouses and children)
  • EG visa extension (for those searching for employment in Cambodia)
  • ER visa extension (for expats of retirement age who can show proof of sufficient savings)
  • ES visa extension (This is a student visa for those who can provide a letter from a registered Cambodian school and proof of funds to support themselves)

K-visas for Cambodia

Foreigners with strong family ties or those with parents of Cambodian descent can apply for the K-visa, which allows multi-entry into Cambodia and is valid until the applicant’s passport expires. Expats may submit their Cambodian birth certificate, their parents’ passport or Cambodian family book with their application to prove their family ties.

C-visa and B-class visas for Cambodia

The C-visa is a free visa specifically for those undertaking volunteering work or employment with an international organization with a valid memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Cambodian government. B-class visas are for employees of NGOs, such as the United Nations or World Health Organisation, who are in Cambodia at the government’s invitation. Both these visas allow for a three-month stay in Cambodia, are extendable for up to 12 months, and allow spouses and children entry into the country.

The employer typically has to secure the visa in advance and submit a letter of attestation from the Ministry of Affairs on the expat’s arrival at the airport.

*Visa requirements can change at short notice, and expats are advised to contact their nearest Cambodian consulate for the latest information.

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