Expat parents looking for the best international school in Singapore for their children will find plenty of excellent options. There is a wide choice of international curricula on offer, including British, American, French, Swiss, Indian and the International Baccalaureate, making for an easy transition to and from other schools worldwide. Many international schools in Singapore offer bilingual instruction.

A large portion of the student body at international schools tends to be of the same nationality as the school’s country of origin. The rest of the school’s population is typically made up of dozens of nationalities, so expat children can experience a mix of familiar surroundings and exposure to other cultures.

International schools are also wonderful for mitigating the effects of culture shock in Singapore, as expat children can build community ties within their new schools while learning in a familiar education system.

Some international schools in Singapore are through-train schools starting from nursery right through to high school. Schools such as Canadian International School and Dulwich College also offer top boarding facilities for international students with globally mobile families.

Expat parents should also consider proximity to their children’s school when choosing accommodation in Singapore. Parents will be delighted to know that as one of the most pedestrian-friendly city-states in the world, Singapore is safe for children to walk to school or take public transport.

Spaces at the best schools are limited, so it’s well worth applying early to secure a place. While the fees for international schools can be higher than state schools, international schools offer first-rate education. The top international schools will also provide a wide range of facilities and extracurricular activities, bus services and healthy lunches. Still, expat parents are encouraged to negotiate a school allowance as part of their employment package to effectively manage their living expenses while in Singapore.

Below is a list of the best international schools in Singapore.

International schools in Singapore


Australian International School in Singapore

The Australian International School in Singapore (AIS) is an award-winning international school offering the Australian, British and IB curricula. With a passion for holistic, rounded education, AIS places equal emphasis on academic excellence and cultural development. As such, the school focuses on nurturing each student’s talents and interests.

There are more than 50 nationalities represented in AIS’s student and staff body, creating a diverse and truly international school community. The school’s mission is to become a leading centre for academic excellence where students can realise their potential and learn key educational and life skills. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate, Australian and British (Cambridge IGCSE – Year 9/10)  
Ages: 2 months to 18

Canadian International School

Canadian International School (CIS) is a leading IB world school in Singapore that offers the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme for students aged 2 to 18 years. Over 3,100 students from 80 nations attend the school from nursery to grade 12. The school’s passionate and highly trained staff strive to equip each student with 21st-century skills that enable them to thrive, exercise leadership, achieve ambitious and worthy goals, and make a positive difference in an increasingly globalised world.

Explore our 360° virtual map for a glimpse of CIS’s new kindergarten wing and its 2600sqm outdoor discovery centre, launched in February 2023. Designed to provide nurturing and inclusive learning spaces, this building fosters an inquiry and play-based approach, promoting the holistic development of children and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful future. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate and Canadian  
Ages: 2 to 18

Chatsworth International School

Chatsworth International School is a diverse and internationally-minded school that caters to students from Kindergarten through Year 13 (Grade 12). Established in 1995, the Chatsworth mission to inspire, educate and enlighten forms the core pillars and education philosophy. From academics to arts to sports to service learning, the school offers a truly international education in Singapore across all three IB programmes. The school boasts large student numbers from various nationalities, including British, American, Indian, Japanese, Australian and French.

Sitting atop Singapore’s only tropical rainforest at Bukit Timah, the campus offers a serene yet vibrant environment with inspiring views. The campus, which is equipped with wide-ranging facilities that meet all students’ learning needs and interests, is just a 10-minute drive from the heart of the city. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate  
Ages: 3 to 18

GESS – International School

Founded in 1971, GESS – International School has grown from being a modest German school to an international school in Singapore, serving students of over 68 nationalities. The school offers two curricula: the German Abitur and the English-speaking International Baccalaureate (IB) programme.

A new purpose-built campus houses the Pre-School, Primary School and Secondary School. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is virtually on the school’s doorstep, giving students ample opportunities to learn outdoors and see lessons come alive in Singapore’s natural environment. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate and German  
Ages: 2 to 18

Global Indian International School

Global Indian International School (GIIS) is a complete international school that offers the choice of various international curricula from Kindergarten to Grade 12, including the British and International Baccalaureate programmes.

GIIS aims to shape students into well-developed global citizens and is among the best international schools in Singapore. It offers a well-designed educational framework and state-of-the-art facilities to hone the skills of the students beyond academics and give them an extra edge as they grow up to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: Montessori, International Baccalaureate, British (Cambridge Lower Secondary and IGCSE – Grades 6 to 10), and Indian (CBSE)  
Ages: 2.5 to 18

Integrated International School

Nestled in the west of Singapore, Integrated International School (IIS) provides its students with the personalised attention and support they need while challenging them academically with an Australian-based curriculum. The school offers both a Mainstream and Support approach in an inclusive setting from Early Years to Grade 13, following the British curriculum.

IIS has tiny class sizes (around 10 students per class) and an enviable teacher-to-student ratio, putting IIS among the top international schools in Singapore. Students are encouraged to think outside the box, believe in themselves, take risks and enjoy themselves. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: British (English National Curriculum, Cambridge IGCSE - Years 9/10 and A-Levels)  
Ages: 18 months to 17

ISS International School

This dedicated IB World School in central Singapore has more than 30 nationalities represented in its student body of more than 200 pupils and is spread across two campuses. ISS is the only international school in Singapore to completely specialise in and follow the entire International Baccalaureate curriculum from the Early Years to Grade 12.

The extracurricular programme at ISS includes a strong community service component and a wide range of activities from archery to martial arts. The school aims to nurture children to accept and thrive in a highly diverse environment, mirroring what they will expect as they progress on their journey from school to university to the workforce. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate  
Ages: 4 to 19

Lycée Français de Singapour

This popular international school was established in 1967. The Lycée Français de Singapour (French School of Singapore) follows two streams – French with English as a second language and a French/English bilingual programme – and is supervised by the French Foreign Ministry.

The sports facilities are good, and there is a range of extracurricular sports and cultural activities on offer. Several donations from French companies enabled the school to move to a large, modern campus in Ang Mo Kio in the 1990s. The school more recently opened a second campus in Serangoon for Kindergarten and Primary school. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: French  
Ages: 2 to 18

Nexus International School Singapore

Nexus International School Singapore opened its doors in 2007 and now has a capacity of 1,470 students. The excellent co-curricular programmes, field trips throughout the year, and the school’s international student exchange programme enhance the atmosphere of mutual cultural respect.

Students in Years 10 and 11 follow the University of Cambridge curriculum leading to the Cambridge IGCSE examinations. In Years 12 and 13, they prepare for the IB Diploma examinations. The school is in central Singapore, easily accessible from most areas. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate and British (Cambridge IGCSE – Years 9/10)  
Ages: 3 to 18

North London Collegiate School (Singapore)

North London Collegiate School (Singapore) provides students with an exceptional international education experience based on the traditions, ethos and practices of the North London Collegiate School, a top academic British school.

The programme at North London Collegiate School (NLCS) is synonymous with excellence, ambition and aspiration. The school’s curriculum provides students with a rigorous academic education and is taught by highly qualified, knowledgeable and inspiring teachers through lively, active lessons. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: NLCS curriculum / International Baccalaureate  
Ages: 3 to 18

One World International School

One World International School (OWIS) offers high-quality international education in a nurturing multicultural environment in Singapore at a moderate fee point. There is a diverse range of nationalities represented in the school, which aims to promote an understanding of different perspectives, cultures and global awareness.

With modern and well-equipped campuses in Nanyang and Punggol, OWIS provides a stellar quality of education in a fantastic environment. The school is one of the fastest-growing international schools in Singapore; it now has more than 1,500 students, offering a wide range of subjects and extracurricular opportunities. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate and British (Cambridge IGCSE – Years 9/10)  
Ages: 3 to 18

Singapore American School

The Singapore American School was established by expat parents in 1956 to meet the needs of the growing expat community. Today the school is an excellent non-profit American-curriculum school from pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12.

The school’s 36-acre campus makes it one of the largest single-campus international schools in Singapore, with more than 4,100 students from 67 countries, although the majority are American. It is renowned for its exceptional academic, sporting and cultural achievements, and students consistently outperform their peers in the US education system. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: American  
Ages: 3 to 18

St Joseph’s Institution International

A diverse school with more than 2,074 students of over 40 different nationalities, St Joseph’s Institution International has a strong Lasallian Catholic background. This international school welcomes children from Christian families and those of other faiths. Thanks to its exceptional academic programme and high-quality pastoral care, St Joseph’s is among Singapore’s best international schools. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: International Primary Curriculum, British (Cambridge IGCSE – Years 9/10) and International Baccalaureate  
Ages: 5 to 18

Stamford American International School

A multicultural school in Upper Serangoon Road, this school has 2,500 pupils of 75 nationalities. The Stamford American International School is set on a brand new, custom-built campus with excellent facilities. Stamford employs a holistic approach to educating children through a combination of American and international curricula. The campus is in central Singapore, only a 10- to 15-minute drive from the suburbs most popular with expat families. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: American (including AP and BTEC) and International Baccalaureate  
Ages: 2 months to 18 years

Swiss School in Singapore

This small, family-oriented school teaches in both German and English or French and English. With creativity, innovation and highly qualified teachers, Swiss School in Singapore not only supports and challenges students’ cognitive skills but also their independence, self-confidence and self-responsibility.

The school is situated on the top of Bukit Tinggi Hill, surrounded by Singapore’s rainforest flora and fauna. It offers ample space for playing and sports while preparing children for life with a holistic primary education foundation. The international school’s Secondary I programme is affiliated with the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA), where students can obtain the IB Diploma. Read more

Gender: Co-educational 
Curriculum: Swiss  
Ages: 2 to 12

Tanglin Trust School

Considered one of the best international schools in the world, Tanglin opened in 1925 and has a student body of over 2,800. Assessed by the British Schools Overseas (BSO) framework, all three schools (Infant, Junior and Senior) have been awarded ‘outstanding’, the highest grade possible.

TTS is the only school in Singapore to offer both A-Levels and IB in Sixth Form. All the school’s Sixth Formers study a programme tailored to the subjects they are passionate about and the learning style that most suits them, ensuring they thrive and flourish. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate and British (English National Curriculum, Cambridge IGCSE – Years 9/10 and A-levels)  
Ages: 3 to 18

United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA)

UWCSEA is a favourite with expat parents for its stellar reputation, top academic, sporting and community involvement standards and excellent facilities. Students study the IGCSE syllabus in Grades 9 and 10 and the IB Diploma in Grades 11 and 12.

The school has two campuses, with around 3,000 students at the Dover Campus and 2,500 at the East Campus. There are more than 300 boarders. The school is represented by over 200 sporting teams and has an extensive extracurricular programme including a variety of sports, arts and cultural activities. Read more

Gender: Co-educational  
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate and British (Cambridge IGCSE – Years 9/10)  
Ages: 4 to 18

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