Bangkok is a vibrant city, full of life. From the fascinating culture to the friendly people, living in the Thai capital is an enriching experience. As with any city, however, there are pros and cons to moving to Bangkok, and we explore them below. 

Accommodation in Bangkok

+ PRO: Lots of variety

Bangkok has a wide variety of accommodation at a range of prices. Whether looking for an apartment, a condo, a townhouse, or a standalone house, there's something for everyone.

Cost of living in Bangkok

+ PRO: Possible to live extremely cheaply

Expats often find that things such as electrical goods, entertainment, living and eating expenses are far less expensive in Thailand than in their home country. There are restaurants to suit every budget, and the many street stalls make it possible to enjoy authentic Thai food at an exceptionally low price. 

- CON: High price of alcohol

With unfavourable currency conversions and tax added to the price of imported wine, getting a decent bottle without paying a hefty price can be a challenge, even when buying from a supermarket. Asking around among the locals is the best way to scout out a few places to get wine at a slightly better price. Buying other imported goods such as Western food or ‘home comforts’ can also become pricey.

Culture shock in Bangkok

+ PRO: Rich and vibrant culture

Thailand’s culture is a rich experience for all the senses, much like Bangkok itself. Among the rising steel and glass structures of shopping malls, hotels and offices, expats will find temples, revered Buddha images and spirit houses with offerings piled high, jasmine garlands aplenty and incense burning day and night. 

Thai people are generally welcoming of foreigners visiting and living in their country, so respect for their culture and traditions will go a long way.

- CON: Saving face

If someone acts angry, demanding, contradictory or rude in public towards a Thai person, locals will go to great lengths to ‘save face’. No matter what emotions may be felt, they are not displayed or demonstrated negatively towards another person. This is an important part of Thai culture that has a great impact on how an expat will be treated. Keeping calm and remaining polite are better ways to deal with conflict. 

Healthcare in Bangkok

+ PRO: Inexpensive and high quality

Visiting a hospital or dentist in Bangkok is like walking through the doors of an expensive hotel without dreading the bill afterwards. Most hospitals are easy to get to and most medical practitioners are fluent English speakers. 

After registering, the patient will be quickly seen, with the relevant tests undertaken in a timely and efficient manner. Securing a consultation with a specialist doctor is also relatively easy.

- CON: Unnecessary tests

Whilst a visit to the hospital or dentist may not be expensive, it's common to hear about patients being sent for unnecessary tests, only to end up with a simple diagnosis such as the flu or a virus. This can often result in excessive costs. While a person's health shouldn't be put at risk for fear of being taken advantage of, it is something to be aware of.

Transport in Bangkok

+ PRO: Cheap and a large variety

Transport is cheap and plentiful. There’s the BTS Skytrain, which runs above all the traffic on the roads, and the MRT (underground metro). That's not to mention buses, tuk-tuks, taxis and motorbike taxis. The BTS and MRT are air-conditioned, a welcomed relief on hot days, and the two are linked at certain stations. Getting around Bangkok is both affordable and in many instances efficient and clean.

- CON: Traffic jams

It is well known that dealing with heavy traffic is a consequence of living in Bangkok, but it doesn’t mean that travelling around the city is as difficult and laborious as expats may be led to believe. There are many great options for avoiding traffic – they just require thinking ahead and planning journeys accordingly. That said, expats who choose to drive are likely to find rush-hour traffic a headache.

Lifestyle in Bangkok

+ PRO: Variety of experiences

There is an endless variety of shopping experiences all over the city that cater to all sorts of budgets. The city's many markets are perfect for those who are looking for a bargain and like to barter, while in the high-end shopping malls, just about anything can be bought.

+ PRO: Lively nightlife

Expats who enjoy a night out on the town will love the nightlife scene in Bangkok. The city boasts everything from sophisticated rooftop bars and disco clubs to hidden dive bars, where drinks will cost a tad less. 

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