Kids and Family in Helsinki

Finland has a reputation for honouring and caring for its population of young ones. From its progressive schooling system to its beloved Moomins (Finnish children's characters that are now considered a national treasure), expats will find that few destinations are more child-friendly.

Helsinki serves as a case in point and its events, attractions and parks all serve to show the Finnish people's appreciation of the process of growing up.

Theme parks in Helsinki

Helsinki boasts a number of world-class attractions that are perfect for a family day out, including a selection of thrilling theme parks. These outings can get expensive, so many local families buy season tickets which offer better value for money. Linnanmäki is one of the most popular amusement parks in Finland, while Serena Water Park is fun for all ages. 

Outdoor attractions in Helsinki

Those who are looking for a more peaceful adventure can head to Harakka Nature Centre. Situated on an island, visitors have to travel by boat to the centre where they can view wildlife in the seashore meadows and marshland. Entrance is free and tours are led by knowledgeable staff. For a bit of history, visitors can learn about traditional Finnish lifestyle at the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, which is made up of over 80 different buildings scattered across a forested landscape.

Children can also look out for wildlife at Seurasaari, but the Helsinki Zoo on Korkesaari island, among the oldest of its kind in the world, is the best bet for this kind of activity. Home to around 150 species, animals from habitats as diverse as the Amazon rainforest to the Arctic tundra are on the cards and are sure to leave youngsters suitably intrigued.

Museums for children in Helsinki

Helsinki is also home to expertly curated museums such as the Helsinki City Museum which explores Helsinki's history and culture and often shows off new exhibits. Helsinki City Museum is ideal for parents and their children: parents can learn more about the city in which they live, while their children do the same in the museum's newest section, called Children's Town, where Helsinki's history is imparted to them through play and joint activities.

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