Areas and suburbs in Florence

Expats will find that the areas and suburbs in Florence cater to all types of people, from students who crave the hustle and bustle of the inner city to families who prefer the peace and quiet of further-out suburbs. Each area has a different feel and expats should be sure to spend some time exploring the different options before making a firm decision on where to live.

Areas for young and single expats in Florence

San Marco

San Marco is to the north of the Centro Storico and is a mostly residential area that extends to Piazza Indipendenza and Piazza Libertà. The area gets congested with tourists but has a good selection of shops and restaurants, and the university botanical gardens provide some reprieve. Public transport in the area is good, but San Marco isn’t well suited to private vehicles.

Santo Spirito

The residents of this trendy area are a mix of expats, students and artists. Its lively piazza is lined with restaurants and it houses several museums and public gardens. Its narrow streets are lined with shops, but they aren’t easy to navigate by car, so most residents walk, cycle or use buses.

Santa Croce

Santa Croce hosts the Sant’Ambrogio Market – one of the best places to buy local produce in the city. It’s centrally located but tourists passing through are there mostly to visit the Santa Croce church, and the rest of the area is residential. There are plenty of restaurants and bars in the area and because it isn't too touristy, Santa Croce has an authentic Italian feel to it.

Family-friendly areas in Florence

Via Bolognese

Perfect for expats who want to drive themselves around, Via Bolognese snakes northwards out of the city. It doesn’t attract all the tourist foot traffic like the city centre does but its leafy atmosphere has its own attractions, like the gardens of Parnassus. The biggest downside is that residents have longer commutes than their counterparts in the city centre.

San Niccolò

The San Niccolò area offers a unique small-town feel. It doesn’t attract many tourists, except those passing through to get to the Piazzale Michelangiolo, but expats wanting to live in this peaceful area should be warned that rent prices are known to be high.

Elizabeth Our Expat Expert

Originally from Detroit, Elizabeth has called various places home: Boston, New York, Sonoma, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. She has been living in Florence since 2000 with her Italian husband and two young children. Her blog about life in Italy--Letters From Florence--tells it like it is, with wit, humor, and a sharp eye for detail. It is rumored that her tomato sauce rivals that of her Italian mother-in-law.

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