New arrivals moving to Ankara will have their pick when it comes to accommodation. Despite being Turkey’s capital and the country’s second-largest city, Ankara's property market is surprisingly easy to navigate. There are 25 districts in the city and each one boasts unique charm and character, so new arrivals are likely to find something to suit their budget and lifestyle. 

Types of accommodation in Ankara

As a university city, Ankara offers a host of both furnished and unfurnished accommodation options, with the former being the most expensive.

The most common type of accommodation in Ankara’s city centre is apartments and condominiums, while the outlying suburbs offer luxury villas and houses that cater to the city’s diplomat population and families. Flatshares are also quite popular with students and newly arrived young professionals, as they provide affordable temporary housing and are a fantastic way to meet new people. Foreigners can also buy property in Turkey.

Property and rental prices will largely depend on the district, the age of the home and its proximity to the city centre as well as parking facilities.

Areas and suburbs in Ankara

Newcomers to Ankara will most likely want to live close to their places of work and their children’s schools, but new arrivals needn’t worry as Ankara is served by comprehensive and largely efficient public transport networks.

Çankaya District

Known as the heart of Ankara, Çankaya is the most popular district in the city and is home to 124 neighbourhoods. New arrivals from all walks prefer this district for its easy access to business centres, embassies, ministries and a range of leisure amenities. The Kızılay and Bahçelievler areas are well-loved by young professionals for their plethora of quaint cafés, shopping centres and dazzling restaurants. Those who can afford to splurge should look no further than Ankara’s premium and picturesque residential areas, Ayrancı and Oran. Newcomers can expect to find modern luxury apartments with breathtaking city views and green spaces in these neighbourhoods.

Keçiören District

Thanks to its budget-friendly housing, Keçiören is home to many students and small families who are looking to get more bang for their buck. Neighbourhoods such as Gümüşdere, Esertepe, Ayvalı and Sancaktepe are perfectly located close to Çankaya and have excellent transport links, which make for easy commutes into the centre. Owing to its growing popularity, Keçiören is constantly developing, and new arrivals are likely to find newly built apartments at an affordable price.

Gölbaşı District

Nature-loving newcomers will feel right at home in the tranquil Gölbaşı District. The Mogan and Eymir lakes as well as the Beynam Atatürk Forest surround Gölbaşı and create a beautiful place that offers apartments and standalone homes with striking lake and forest views. With outdoor leisure activities, spacious homes and proximity to Çankaya, the Eymir, Bahçelievler, and Örencik neighbourhoods are perfect for families or those looking for calm in the city.

Finding accommodation in Ankara

New arrivals looking for accommodation in Ankara can make use on property rental websites, such as and, as well as Facebook groups and local real-estate agents (emlak). Word of mouth is another often underestimated but effective tool that house hunters can use. Landlords in Ankara prefer advertising their rentals quietly and liaising with local real-estate agents, so they frequently have knowledge of the best rentals on the market. As Ankara is a multicultural city, new arrivals are likely to find an English-speaking emlak, which will mitigate any language barriers during the rental process.

Renting accommodation in Ankara

Making an application

Renting accommodation in Ankara is a fairly painless process. House hunters will typically research a few properties online or through an emlak and then make appointments to view the rentals. Once they find a suitable home, new arrivals who have the knack for it can negotiate the rental and deposit price with their landlord until they reach a mutually beneficial agreement.


Tenants will need approximately three months’ worth of rent to secure a lease in Ankara. Deposits are typically one month's rent, and they will also have to pay the first month’s rent on top of this, as well as the emlak’s fee, which is generally 10 percent of the annual rental fee. The deposit is fully refundable at the end of the lease if the property is not damaged beyond normal wear and tear.


The standard lease agreement in Ankara is 12 months, although this is negotiable and depends on the landlord. New arrivals are advised to conduct a comprehensive inventory of the property before signing the lease. They should also ensure that utilities such as internet and cellular reception are connected, as it could take some time to get these hooked up. Prospective tenants should also find out if the landlord or the building managers provide water tanks and generators during mainline cuts.


Tenants in Ankara can usually negotiate who will bear the cost of utilities with their landlord, though utilities are typically paid by the lessee. Some villas and apartment complexes also charge separate maintenance fees, so newcomers should be aware of this and include this cost in their monthly budget.

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