Areas and Suburbs in Aberdeen

For expats moving to Aberdeen, the decision on where to live within the city will have a significant impact on their experience. Various factors influence the decision of which area of Aberdeen to live in, including budget, the size and type of available properties, proximity to work, shopping and entertainment facilities, and access to road links and public transport.

For expats relocating to Aberdeen with a family, living in a neighbourhood with access to good schools will be a priority, especially as admission to local government-funded schools is based on a student’s residential address.

Recommended neighbourhoods in Aberdeen

West End/Rubislaw

This is an area close to the centre of Aberdeen. Properties here are a mix of large traditional granite houses and semi-detached villas. There are also a number of modern developments in this part of town where expats can find luxury penthouses with a range of facilities.

The area is very popular with young executives who enjoy a high standard of living and wish to be close to the city centre. The West End is well-connected to the rest of Aberdeen through the city’s bus network. 

Old Aberdeen

Old Aberdeen is the name given to the area located to the north of the city. This area is home to the University of Aberdeen. Here expats will find small cottages and large old houses with lots of character. The area is highly sought-after, however, and it can be difficult to find properties available for rent. 

Old Aberdeen’s location and large properties make accommodation there generally expensive. The area is popular with those looking to be close to the city centre while also enjoying an element of historic charm. 


This is a popular residential area northwest of Aberdeen’s city centre. Residents have access to excellent local shopping facilities and reasonably priced accommodation. Housing in Rosemount mainly comprises terraced properties, but there is an increasing number of modern apartment complexes. 

This is a quaint area and expats living here should take the opportunity to support the local boutique stores, and Rosemount's many parks and green spaces make it perfect for expats who enjoy a healthy outdoors lifestyle. Rosemount is very popular with couples and artistic types.


Cults is a family-friendly suburb on the western edge of Aberdeen on the banks of the River Dee. The area is known for its historic granite buildings. Houses in the area are large and often come with spacious gardens, making them perfect for expats with children.

Despite being relatively close to the city, Cults maintains an element of village life and many people live here to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a great place to raise children, as there are many parks and a range of schools.

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