Accommodation in Doha

Finding suitable accommodation in Doha is a priority for expats moving to the city. The task of manoeuvring one's way through the bureaucracy of a foreign property market can be challenging. Furthermore, the accommodation scene in Doha is developing rapidly in the run-up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

Types of accommodation in Doha

Expats living in Doha will have a choice of accommodation options available for them. From villas and apartments to housing on sprawling, fully-equipped, expat compounds, new arrivals will be sure to find something to suit their individual needs.

Most accommodation in Doha comes fully furnished, which saves expats from having to ship their goods to Qatar. If this isn’t a preferred option, unfurnished and semi-furnished options are also available, although those who are interested may want to negotiate an adequate shipping and start-up allowance in their employment contract to cover furnishing costs.

Finding accommodation in Doha

For the most part, accommodation remains one of the main financial benefits included in the lucrative employment packages used to lure expats to Doha. Employers often provide accommodation for their new recruits in Doha. This takes much of the hassle of manoeuvring the property market out of an expat's hands. 

Regardless of whether an expat's accommodation is provided by their company or if they are searching for a home in Doha on their own, it soon becomes apparent that the most sought-after housing tends to be in expat compounds. The main benefit of living in a compound is that many of these are self-contained communities with a range of facilities available to residents.

Furthermore, 24-hour security ensures that new arrivals feel safe in their new home. Families with children, especially, tend to prefer the compounds for the peace of mind that the safe and secure public space can provide. The presence of other families with shared values can also be attractive, and can help to establish easy friendships and a sense of camaraderie.

As it has become quite difficult to find accommodation in Doha's expat compounds, more and more people are starting to rent property outside these communities. Those looking for a more integrated experience in Qatar may want to investigate the option of living in a stand-alone villa or apartment in Doha. Villas are best suited to families as they have numerous rooms and a small garden, while apartments are popular with young professionals. 

Expats who don't have the luxury of their employer's assistance in the search for property should enlist the services of a local real estate agent. These professionals have an intimate knowledge of Doha's property market and are often in a position to alert their clients to potential options before they are publicly advertised. Agents also help foreigners negotiate the language barrier in Qatar.

Renting property in Doha 

If the employer is organising an expat's accommodation, they will negotiate the lease with the landlord. If not, expats should expect to pay one year’s rent up front. Most people will choose to make the payment with a number of post-dated cheques; although, those who can afford to pay in one lump sum can often leverage a lower price. Utilities are not usually included, but these costs are reasonable thanks to the government’s policy of subsidisation.

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