Located in southeast Ontario at the nexus of three rivers, Ottawa is the Canadian capital and the country's political and economic powerhouse. Expats moving to Ottawa will appreciate the fact that, while at the forefront of technological advances, the city also prides itself in conserving its heritage and culture.

Living in Ottawa as an expat

A cosmopolitan and multicultural city with a welcoming environment, Ottawa attracts expats from all over the world, thanks to the abundance of employment and academic opportunities.

The city is home to a highly educated workforce – boasting more engineers and scientists per capita than any other Canadian city. The diverse job market encompasses a variety of sectors ranging from information technology to life sciences and academia. That said, newcomers seeking employment should note that competition for jobs in Ottawa is quite fierce, so it's best to secure a role before arriving in the city.

Fortunately, new arrivals can enjoy a high quality of life in Ottawa. Expats will benefit from one of the world’s most highly regarded healthcare systems and social benefits There is also an endless stream of things to see and do in Ottawa. ByWard Market is a particular favourite among young expats due to its trendy bars and restaurants and buzzing nightlife scene. The bold Gothic Revival architecture in the nearby Parliament Hill is a must-see as well.

It’s also easy to get around the various areas and suburbs in the metropolis, owing to the city's extensive public transport network and infrastructure for cycling and walking.

Cost of living in Ottawa

Despite being Canada’s capital, Ottawa enjoys a gentle cost of living. Accommodation in Ottawa is abundant and among the most affordable in Canada. Residents of Ontario also have most of their healthcare needs covered by the province at no cost, further reducing expats' expenses.

Expat families and children in Ottawa

Expat families relocating to Ottawa with children can rest assured that the city has a range of affordable, high-quality and bilingual public and private education options. Public schools in Ottawa are free for all children in the city to attend, and parents also have the option of sending their children to faith-based institutions.

Ottawa is one of the world's safest, greenest and cleanest cities, making it ideal for raising a family. With protected forests, parks and wetlands, children can participate in many outdoor pursuits. The city has many museums, markets and nature centres, so expat families will never run out of things to discover. Moreover, Ottawa is brimming with exciting festivals, concerts and parades expats can attend throughout the year.

Climate in Ottawa

Ottawa’s climate is semi-continental, with surprisingly warm summers characterised by plenty of sunny days. The winters come with extreme snowfall for at least 120 days of the year, and spring and autumn usually invite unpredictable weather conditions.

Overall, expats moving to Ottawa are guaranteed a rich yet affordable quality of life thanks to the city's welcoming community and the inclusive and extensive social benefits on offer.

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