Relocating to Mexico presents a host of potential complications to ponder before the move. From worries about safety and drug violence to finding the best accommodation and schools, new arrivals usually have a number of concerns about moving to Mexico. Below are a few common questions that we tend to receive about life in the North American country.

What about drug violence? Is it safe in Mexico for foreigners?

The drug violence in Mexico is partly a result of the government cracking down on drug cartels. The violence is almost completely centred around rival cartels and government law enforcement and is localised to specific areas. Tourists and expats are generally unaffected, though it's essential to be vigilant and to avoid high-risk areas.

Is it easy to get into the USA from Mexico?

This depends; citizens of the US and Canada are usually whisked through the border without the need for a visa, although a passport is required. For other nationals crossing the border, entry depends on visa status. Expats wishing to stay in Mexico for several months or more must have the correct visas and work permits. Long lines at border crossings are common.

What about bribes?

Although bribery is fairly common in Mexico, particularly for traffic violations, it is illegal and could lead to fines and jail time. Expats are strongly advised not to partake in any form of bribery.

What is Mexico City like?

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world, but tends to be avoided by expats. The city has high levels of air pollution, which may cause health issues, and the dense urban crowding means it isn't the most picturesque place. That said, many find its modern districts and busy industrious centres alluring, and finding work in Mexico's capital city may be easier than in other areas. 

Should I buy a home in Mexico?

Owning assets can be beneficial for retirees. Homes for sale are often quoted in US dollars, and mortgages aren’t common, so having cash ready is usually required. Property prices are low and even oceanside housing is a fraction of the price of homes in the US. The property taxes are also much lower. That said, expats staying short term may prefer to rent accommodation.

Can I get help moving to my new home in Mexico?

The moving process is daunting and organising visas can be an administrative nightmare. Our guides provide useful information to help expats settle in, find accommodation, work and schools. Relocation companies can also certainly help ease the stress of a move, and can assist with all of the above, including school placements, visas, job applications and more. For those expats who simply need help with the shipping of their belongings, there are many good shipping and removals options available.

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