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Posted by Whitbydave
on 14 May 2017


I thought I would just pop a quick note to introduce myself. I'm Dave I currently live in england, I am looking to move to Mexico Tijuana. This is my first proper out reach to the beginnings of the moving process. I'm originally from the UK and have met a lovely lady in Mexico and go over to TJ about every three months.

What I would like to investigate is the employment opportunities in that part of the world as well as online. I'm a photographer and film maker by trade. I've taught adults in the past, ran retail stores, can make a pretty decent wordpress site, trained staff for Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and even had my own radio show. Unfortunately my Spanish is terrible and I'm aware I need to up my game and pick it up. I would like to ask do you know of anything which could be of interest.

Sorry if I went on a bit there just keen to get things going and looking to make the move.

Please do excuse any typos I'm on my phone at the moment. But do say hi it would be great to strike up a dialogue.

Huge thanks


Anonymous (not verified) on 16 May 2017 - 10:29
Hi thank you for your reply, this my thoughts too, anyone need some one with those skills mentioned above.
Anonymous (not verified) on 16 May 2017 - 04:18
I doubt you'd do as well with local work as you would with internet work where your clients or customers could be anywhere in the world.
Gelotri on 28 Jun 2017 - 21:13
Im a little late to the thread, but I need to ask. Are you sure you want to move to a border town? Being from Texas, I have seen first-hand how border towns are not only more expensive but also a bit seedy bordering on dangerous. If you dont have a need to move to a border area, I would recommend looking deeper into the country. I recently (December) married a Mexican national and am about to make my move south. While I am not a fan of large cities, that seems to be where most of the opportunities are. In my particular case, I will be moving to Torreon. Of course, opportunities tend to reward the bold, the adventurous, and the creative Expats. In any event, I wish you good fortune and good luck.
Meagan on 29 Jun 2017 - 08:54
Hi Whitbydave,

You could consider teaching English in Mexico or looking for a job in tourism? These jobs would most likely not require much proficiency in Spanish. Have a look at our Working in Mexico page for some more ideas. As someone else mentioned, freelance work is also an option. You could try registering with a few online freelance portals, send out a few proposals and see where that gets you. I used to use Upwork when I was a freelance writer, so you could give that a try. However, be careful of other people trying to undercut you by offering to do the job for much less money. In my experience, this happened a lot and many employers were quite happy to hire someone not as good if it meant saving a few bucks, but there are the few who value quality over cost, so it then becomes a matter of trying your luck until you find an employer/client that is willing to spend that little bit more for a good quality output. 

For learning Spanish, you might also find this article useful: Tips and Tricks for Learning a New Language.

Good luck.


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