Moving to Ireland

In recent years, Ireland has become one of Europe's unlikely success stories. Expats moving to Ireland are attracted by economic growth, one of the world’s highest standards of living and picturesque scenery.

The island is home to less than 5 million people – almost half the population of New York City. Cloudy forecasts, economic or otherwise, don’t obscure the attractions of a country that boasts an impressive natural aesthetic and values a relaxed way of life.

A host of multinational companies that arrived during the country's economic boom weathered the recession and stayed in Ireland, bringing with them a sizeable expat population. Many American and British expats have remained in the country.  

Expats wanting to move to Ireland in the immediate future should be aware that they may have to fight through a competitive job market. Furthermore, the cost of living in Ireland remains high. This is especially true in Dublin, where prices are comparable to major cities like New York and London.

Expats moving to Ireland can expect excellent healthcare services and a good education for their children. Public schools in Ireland are free to all residents, including foreign residents, and many expats choose to send their children to public schools rather than expensive private and international schools. 

Accordingly, the upsides of living in the country and its strong ties to overseas companies continue to make Ireland a welcome job posting and attractive expat destination.

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