Many expats dream of moving to France, enticed by visions of long restaurant lunches, people-watching at Parisian cafés, strolls in lavender-scented Provence, sunbathing on the beaches of Nice and being immersed in the cultural riches of art and haute couture.

Living in France as an expat

Expats moving to France for work purposes should prepare themselves accordingly. Although the French are renowned for their 'work to live, not live to work' philosophy, the country claims one of the largest economies in the world and France is a major player within the EU. Expats account for a significant percentage of the workforce in Paris, and businesspeople do value the new skills a foreigner can bring.

There are both up and downsides to expat life in France. The country prides itself on its distinct culture and language, and many expats initially struggle to find their niche and adapt to the social rules that apply to daily life. The language usually proves the most difficult barrier for expats to cross, especially as the French prefer engaging in their local language. That said, most locals have some degree of proficiency in English, and will reciprocate efforts if expats make even the smallest attempt to speak French.

Cost of living in France

The cost of living in France is high, especially in the large urban centres such as Paris, Lyon and Marseille. Expenses decrease considerably the further one goes into the rural countryside, a result of both lower prices and a less extravagant lifestyle. That said, it's possible to enjoy an excellent quality of life on a budget in France. This is especially true in the south of France, as well as in some of the charming provincial villages. 

Expat families and children

Expat families in France will find that there is a wonderful selection of attractions for parents and kids to enjoy together. Indeed, with a range of theme parks, including the super popular Disneyland Paris, as well as a host of other museums and outdoor attractions, France has something for everyone.

There are a variety of school types in France, including public, private, bilingual and international schools. Parents will need to consider the language barrier, cost and curriculum before deciding which type of institution will be best for their children.

Of course, Paris and Lyon are also rightfully celebrated for their fine dining. The two cities vie yearly for the honour of being the top culinary destination in France, with regional delicacies being celebrated and brought to the cities for everyone to try. Expats who let their taste buds do their exploring for them will find themselves immersed in a world of adventure, with plenty of family-friendly options too.

Climate in France

The weather in France can range from warm summers on the southern coast to wet, snowy winters in the Alpine area. Expats should closely investigate the particularities of their region before buying their new wardrobe. Generally speaking, though, new arrivals can look forward to a climate that is temperate and agreeable.

Expats moving to France can count on a slower, more enjoyable pace of living marked by innumerable little joys and challenges that lead to a greater quality of life overall.

Fast Facts

Population: Over 67.5 million

Major religion: Christianity, but largely secular

Capital city: Paris

Legal system: Constitutional republic

Main languages: French is the official language, but English is widely spoken and understood

Time: GMT+1 (GMT+2 from the end of March to the end of October)

Electricity: 230 volts, 50Hz. European two-pin plugs are standard.

Currency: The Euro (EUR), divided into 100 cents

Tipping: 15 percent service charge always included, although tipping for exceptional service is common in the main centres

International dialling code: +33

Emergency numbers: 112 (general emergencies), 15 (specialised emergency medical services), 18 (fire), and 17 (police)

Internet domain: .fr

Drives on the: Right

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