For many expats moving to Japan, the choice of a good international school is an essential part of relocation. It allows their children to learn a curriculum they are familiar with, often in their native language, reducing the potential cultural and academic shock. Although Tokyo hosts a greater selection, Osaka, the country's second-largest metropolis, offers a commendable selection of international schools that cater to diverse educational systems.

International schools in Osaka provide curricula originating from the UK and the US, along with the globally respected International Baccalaureate (IB) system, among others. Schools following the British or American curriculum typically maintain strong connections to their home country's educational departments, ensuring a comparable quality of education to schools in the UK or the US.

The IB curriculum, renowned for its rigorous, holistic approach to education, is also available in several schools in Osaka, offering a transferable educational pathway recognised worldwide.

Osaka's multicultural community sees various international schools reflecting other countries' educational systems, including those from Germany, France and India. These schools typically offer dual-language instruction, facilitating a rich bilingual environment. The educational institutions in the greater Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area reflect Japan's commitment to multiculturalism, diversity and international collaboration in education.

Below is a list of recommended international schools for expat families in Osaka.

International schools in Osaka

Chandra Sekhar Academy International School

Chandra Sekhar Academy International School (CSAIS) in Kyoto utilises the Indian-style, English-language CBSE curriculum, well-regarded globally for its emphasis on mathematics, sciences and IT. Uniquely, CSAIS integrates studies of the Japanese language, culture and manners into this curriculum. This promotes a holistic learning approach that encourages children to engage with the city and people around them, fostering a love for Japan and a broader global citizenship.

Gender: Co-educational
Curriculum: Indian (CBSE)
Ages: 4 to 11

Deutsche Schule Kobe International

DSK International (DSKI) is a German school abroad and an IB World School, catering to children between the ages of two and eleven. DSKI fosters lifelong learners who are internationally minded, can think critically, respect diversity and act with compassion. The school uniquely offers trilingual education, where students are immersed in English, German and Japanese within their curriculum and co-curricular activities, aimed at developing multilingual global citizens passionate about learning and making a difference in the world.

Gender: Co-educational
Curriculum: German and International Baccalaureate
Ages: 2 to 11

Lycée Français International de Kyoto

Situated in the heart of Kyoto, the Lycée Français International de Kyoto (LFIK) is a thriving school community of French-speaking families. Recognised by the French Ministry of National Education and affiliated with the Agency for French Education Abroad, the school has been committed to fostering mastery of both French and Japanese languages and cultural exchange for over two decades. Today, LFIK continues to grow, bringing together a community of dedicated parents and teachers working towards making the school a vibrant, interactive space for learning, exchange and development for its 170 students.

Gender: Co-educational
Curriculum: French
Ages: 3 to 18

Marist Brothers International School

Marist Brothers International School (MBIS) is a private, college-preparatory institution offering a holistic approach to education from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. Established in 1951, MBIS became an IB World School in 2017, committed to fostering inquisitive, knowledgeable and compassionate individuals. MBIS stands out for its emphasis on character and community, which it deems integral to the Marist 'difference', ensuring its students not only achieve academic excellence but are also well-prepared for success in their future endeavours.

Gender: Co-educational
Curriculum: Montessori, American and International Baccalaureate
Ages: 3 to 18

Osaka International School

Osaka International School (OIS) has been catering to the international community of the Kansai region since 1991. Alongside its sister school, Senri International School, OIS offers a unique dual-language learning environment, with shared classes in PE, art, music and more. The school boasts an impressive music programme and a competitive sports scheme. With approximately 270 students of 35 nationalities, OIS encourages its students to become informed, caring, creative contributors to the global community.

Gender: Co-educational
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate
Ages: 4 to 18

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