Culture in Denmark is influenced by both traditionally European and Scandinavian elements, with many Danes considering themselves both European and Nordic. Despite this, most have a strong sense of their own identity and, while 'Danishness' might be difficult to define, it affects how Danes relate to each other and to foreign visitors.

As a result, expats may need some time to adjust to the local culture in Denmark. Despite the ostensible similarities between Danes, other Europeans and Americans, the particulars and nuances of Danish culture are easily misunderstood.

Language in Denmark

English proficiency in Denmark is exceptionally high, and some large companies even adopt English as their company language. Public policy in Denmark is very much geared towards making expats feel as welcome as possible and many services are, at least in part, available in English.

It is therefore perfectly possible to get by in Denmark without learning Danish, but there are several good arguments for learning the language. 

All foreign residents are entitled to free or subsidised Danish language teaching provided by their local municipality. Expats can connect and integrate with their hosts more easily if they make at least some effort with the language. It can also be quite stressful for expats to not understand what is going on around them – some familiarity with the language can alleviate this.

Food in Denmark

From the ubiquitous hot dog stands to the New Nordic food of Noma, food and drink play a big part in Danish life. One of the most characteristic dishes is the Danish open sandwich, smørrebrød, usually made with rye bread and topped with meat or fish and accompaniments. These are typically eaten with a knife and fork.

Hygge in Denmark

A key part of culture in Denmark is the concept of hygge (pronounced 'hooger'). While there is no direct translation of the word into English, it involves being warm, cozy and relaxed, for example with good food and friends in front of the fireplace. Although difficult to define, hygge is important because its pursuit is considered by many to be a fundamental part of Danish culture.

LGBTQ+ in Denmark

Denmark was the first country in the world to recognise same-sex partnerships and is a safe place for LGBTQ+ individuals. The country is also ranked the third-safest country in Europe for LGBTQ+ individuals. 

Expats moving to the country will find a tolerant society and a thriving LGBTQ+ scene, particularly in major cities such as Copenhagen. There are also many LGBTQ+-friendly nightlife spots that expats can enjoy. 

Read Diversity and Inclusion in Denmark to learn more about LGBTQ+ rights in the country. 

Women in Denmark

The Danish society values equality and women are largely treated equally, even though they still hold traditional roles in the household. Expat women moving to Denmark can expect a safe and welcoming society. 

That said, while there are many laws protecting women in Denmark, expat women may still experience some unconscious bias, discrimination and harassment, particularly in the workplace. Still, Denmark remains extremely safe and women can walk alone at night without fear. 

Read Diversity and Inclusion in Denmark to learn more about women's rights in the country. 

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