Working in Utrecht

Expats moving to Utrecht in search of work will find job openings in a range of sectors provided they have the right skill set. From financial services and banking to ICT and engineering, those from a variety of backgrounds will find lots of opportunities for career advancement in this city.  

Job market in Utrecht

Thanks to the presence of Utrecht University, one of the most established tertiary education institutions in the Netherlands, the city produces thousands of highly qualified graduates each year. This has served to attract a large number of businesses from a variety of sectors to the city and as a result, Utrecht’s economy is rapidly expanding.

Banking and financial services play a prominent role in Utrecht’s economy, and ICT companies have also seen value in setting up operations in the city. As Utrecht continues to build its reputation as a hub for technology, it has experienced an influx of developers which in turn has made the city a popular base for digital start-ups and game-development companies.

Health sciences are also a major employer in Utrecht with the city being home to one of the Netherlands’ largest medical research institutions.

As a result of the city’s central location within the Netherlands, Utrecht is a major transport hub and has attracted large transport and engineering companies. ProRail, the governmental organisation which oversees the country’s rail network, is based in Utrecht.

Finding a job in Utrecht

The majority of expats relocating to Amsterdam will come with a job offer in hand or on an intercompany transfer, having worked at the office of an international company back in their home country.

For those in search of employment, the internet is probably the best starting point. Job portals provide a good insight into the types of jobs available in the city and the salary an expat could hope to get. There are a number of job agencies that can assist job seekers. However, often the best way to find a job is through networking and making connections with those working in a relevant industry who can alert expats to an opening before it is advertised publically.   

Although Utrecht’s job market is certainly growing rapidly, it still does not have the international presence that one would find in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. So while it may not be a formal requirement for expats to speak Dutch, it will definitely set them apart from the competition and help them get a foot in the door.  

Non-EU citizens will require a work permit to take up a job offer in the Netherlands, which is many cases would involve their employer having to prove that the position has been advertised locally but has not been able to be filled by either a Dutch or EU citizen.

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