Accommodation in Manchester

Despite concerns over the economic climate in the UK, the price of accommodation in Manchester has continued to increase steadily. This is primarily due to an incentive from the UK government called 'Help to Buy'.

Looking at Manchester from a nationwide perspective, however, house prices for both renting and buying are significantly lower than in the south of England.

Types of accommodation in Manchester

The types of housing available in Manchester are predominantly apartments in the city centre and houses in the surrounding suburbs.

There has been an increase in the number of apartments available in some of the trendier suburbs of Manchester, so apartment living outside of the city is also available for those who prefer this option.

A major factor affecting an expat's decision when choosing a place to live is the type of lifestyle they are looking for. Young professionals and single people looking to be close to entertainment tend to choose property in the city centre or the bustling Northern Quarter. Expats moving to Manchester for business purposes, on the other hand, often live in Spinningfields where the headquarters of many multinational companies are based. Families are likely to gravitate towards suburban areas with good schooling options such as Didsbury.

Finding accommodation in Manchester

There are numerous ways expats can find accommodation in Manchester; however, relocation agencies and the internet are by far the most effective resources.

A wide range of options is available on the internet for expats wanting to find property to rent or buy in Manchester. While expats can go directly to an estate agent's website, it is often easier to use a property portal. Most agents advertise their properties via these portals as well as on their own website, saving people time and allowing them to compare properties offered by different estate agents.

Relocation agencies in Manchester will be able to assist expats in finding properties to match their specifications. These agencies have detailed knowledge of specific neighbourhoods and can help in all aspects of the relocation process if necessary.

Renting accommodation in Manchester

Most expats opt for a rental home at least initially before choosing to buy in Manchester. Renting first is a good idea because it gives expats the freedom to experience the city before committing to purchasing a home. 

Various properties are available to rent in Manchester at different budgets, from studio apartments and deluxe penthouses in the city centre to family homes in the suburbs.

The typical lease in Manchester is six or 12 months, with the typical deposit being the equivalent of one month’s rent.

Expat tenants will usually be responsible for additional utility expenses, such as council tax, electricity, water and gas bills. Most utility bills in Manchester are sent at set times throughout the year.

Dream Move Relocation Our Expat Expert
Having moved to Perth, Australia, for a number of years on completion of his degree Andrew has experienced the range of feelings and emotions most expats feel when moving to a new city. From a career perspective, Andrew has also had the chance to introduce a vast range of people from a diverse range of cultures to Manchester, many of whom he is still friendly with today.

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