Areas and suburbs in Manchester

The expat population of Manchester is still quite young and as such, there is no specific area where new arrivals tend to reside. That said, there are plenty of suitable areas within Manchester and in the surrounding suburbs that will meet the needs of every type of expat. Thanks to Manchester's extensive public transport system, commuting into the city centre is possible from most neighbourhoods.

Here are some of the most popular neighbourhoods in Manchester.

Recommended neighbourhoods in Manchester


Deansgate is a vibrant area in the city centre of Manchester. Naturally, the area is home to a large number of young, professional executives who value living close to their workplace and having easy access to the city’s bars, clubs and shopping facilities. Accommodation in Deansgate generally comes in the form of modern, luxury apartments. Furthermore, as it is such a prime location, getting around is easy with tram, bus and rail links available.


This is a relaxed area located on the basin of the Bridgewater Canal, so it is perfect for those looking for waterside living on the edge of the city. Expats will find a wide choice of accommodation here, including conversions, older developments and modern buildings. This part of Manchester is particularly historic and residents can still see the ruins of the Roman fort. Castlefield has its fair share of bars and restaurants, so residents don’t have to wander far for an evening out.

Salford Quays

The number of quayside developments and lost-style apartments in Manchester has grown markedly in recent years. While waterside luxury living complexes are what attract wealthy residents to the area, those looking for a little more space will still find historic back-to-back terraces in Salford Quays. The area is well served by trams and buses, and expats will find it quite straightforward to get into the city centre. Salford has a lively nightlife scene, and there are plenty of bars and restaurants in the area as well.


Burnage is a popular area with those looking for a family home with a reasonable commute into the city centre. The area has benefitted tremendously from the investment seen in neighbouring Didsbury and Withington and offers lower rental property prices. Properties in the area are generally semi-detached with gardens, which is ideal for families with children. There are also several good schools in the area. Burnage has its own train station and good road links, which make getting around easy.


Didsbury is a trendy area. A variety of accommodation is available in Didsbury from modern apartment living to large Victorian family homes. It is becoming more popular with a younger crowd, especially couples, because of its bars and restaurants. It is also a great area for those with families because of its proximity to a number of good schools. Didsbury is well connected by rail and bus transport, which makes getting about from the area very easy.


Levenshulme is an up-and-coming area that lies southeast of Manchester city centre. Thanks to good rail links and access to bus services, this is an ideal area from which to commute. Stockport Road runs through the heart of Levenshulme and here one will clearly see the influence of Manchester’s Indian and Pakistani communities, with a number of shops, cafés and restaurants adding local spice to the area.


Those who opt to live in Chorlton will have plenty of choice when it comes to modern housing and city-style apartments. This suburb boasts its very own ‘town centre' where one can find supermarkets, a local leisure centre, a library and a park. Chorlton is becoming increasingly popular with a fashionable crowd who enjoy frequenting the area's unique bars and quirky cafés.


Wilmslow is known for its upmarket lifestyle and is home to some of Manchester’s richest residents. Properties here are large and often come with gardens, which is great for those moving with children. Furthermore, there are a number of good schools in Wilmslow. The area is full of unique boutiques, cafés and restaurants. One of the major draws of Wilmslow is that it maintains a community feel, which makes it popular with young couples and families.  


Another popular area with families is Altrincham, home to a number of very good government schools. Properties tend to be large Victorian family homes and prices are high. Residents enjoy a great sense of community in Altrincham with a number of local festivals and events taking place. The commute into town from Altrincham is fast thanks to good tram links.  

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