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on 3 Oct 2013
Hey there,

I was wondering are there any expats on this forum living in Manchester, United Kingdom. I am from Australia, and I just got made a job offer to work for an international media company in who have the UK operations based in Manchester.

I've been to London before and I have family there but I have never had the chance to visit other places in the UK. What is Manchester like ? Is it cosmopolitan like London ? What are the major drawcards for expats living in the city?

Is the city safe ? Where are the best places to live?

Please provide your insights of expat life in Manchester as I would like to have a better picture of whether the city is right for me before I accept the job offer.

Thanks in advance

Anonymous (not verified) on 10 Oct 2013 - 10:56
Hi Anya,

Manchester is an eclectic and fun city. Obviously for most tourists it is overshadowed by London, but you will certainly have lots of fun there.

The nightlife is great and shopping facillities are also excellent both within the city and at the famous Trafford centre.

The Moving to Manchester page will provide a good overview and provide a good insight into expat life in the city. But I say go for it, as if worst comes to worse, you are just a train ride away from London.

Anonymous (not verified) on 4 Oct 2013 - 10:29
Hi Anya,

I am originally from London but spent three years studying in Manchester between 2004-2007. Obviously, things would have changed since then but I can say its a great city. It has much of the facillities that you would find in the capital, but at a somewhat lower price.

Its a pretty cosmopolitan city - there are established Indian and Chinese communities in the city already. As Manchester is home toa number of universitys, you'll find that international students form a big part of the expat community. 

There is lots to do in Manchester - great restaurants, theatre, bars and clubs. The live music scene is also great. It is alsoa great place to be if you enjoy sports.

Like any big city, Manchester does have its problems but I wouldn't say I ever felt like I was in danger during my time there. There are areas like Moss Side that have a bad reputation, so just avoid them but the city centre and the neighbourhoods most expats would live in are generally safe. You obviously just need to carry out the necessary precautions as you would anywhere such as keeping valuables out of sight and avoiding walking around in really quiet areas at night.

When I lived in Manchester I lived in Fallowfield, which is where most of the students stay. But I would recommend Didsbury as a nice area for young professionals.

Hope this helps.


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