Expats moving to Angola often have many concerns about living in this notoriously expensive country, especially with regards to safety and moving with children. Read on for a round-up of common questions about moving to Angola.

How safe is Angola for expats?

Angola has made huge strides in recovering from its war-torn past and the safety situation for expats has improved in recent years. Petty crimes are the most pressing safety concern in Luanda, especially at night – expats should stay aware of their surroundings at all times and only go out at night if and where they know it's safe. Most expats live within the confines of secure compounds in Luanda and have a car and driver provided for them, which is the best option for getting around the city.

Are there international schools in Angola?

There are several international schools in Angola, all of which are located in Luanda. Their quality varies, but they're better than local public schools and are the best option for expat kids. Most large companies sponsor a particular school, which then gives preference to their employees' children when it comes to admission.

What is the healthcare system like in Angola?

Although the government has made vast improvements to the system of healthcare in Angola, hospital standards will be below what most expats may be used to. There are adequate facilities in Luanda for general medical requirements, but expats needing serious medical procedures will likely travel to South Africa or further abroad. Health insurance is therefore essential and it’s important expats ensure that provision is made for this in their employment contract. Most companies have an arrangement with a local clinic or hospital to ensure adequate care for their expat employees.

Where do most expats live in Angola?

Most expats moving to Angola live in Luanda, and mostly in compounds located in the Luanda Sul area. With high demand and even higher housing costs, searching for housing in Angola can be difficult. However, most companies arrange and pay for their employees' accommodation. Expats should ensure their contract contains an accommodation allowance or their salaries are cushioned proportionately. Angolan expat compounds generally offer large houses and all the basic amenities, but electricity and water supply can be sporadic, so expats should ensure that their accommodation has adequate back-up systems.

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