Frequently Asked Questions about Egypt

Expats moving to Egypt are sure to have plenty of queries and concerns about life in this North African country. Here are answers to a few of expats' most frequently asked questions.

How safe is Egypt?

Although Egypt had a widely publicised period of civil unrest in 2011, the situation has improved in the years since. That said, the Sinai Peninsula should still be avoided. Expats should check official safety reports before travelling to Egypt to stay up to date on the current political situation.

I'm in Egypt and need a job, what should I do?

The best way to find work in Egypt is to network, as personal recommendations and connections are important in Egyptian business matters. This is likely to work much better than finding job listings online. Try joining expat clubs and also volunteering.

Is Cairo really the only place to work?

It depends. Expats employed by NGOs tend to work all around Egypt and volunteers often do the same. There are some schools in other cities hiring teachers. For most business employment, the jobs for expats are almost all in Cairo.

Can I drive in Egypt?

An international licence usually gets people by for a year. After that, it is a good idea to get an Egyptian licence. This isn't the easiest thing to do and can involve tests and bureaucracy. It can also be dangerous to drive in Egypt due to reckless driving by locals, so it might be a good idea to look at other options, such as public transport or taxis.

What is the treatment of women like in Egypt?

Expat women in Egypt may find that they attract an uncomfortable amount of attention from local men. Some of these men may have stereotypical ideas of Western women as promiscuous based on depictions in movies and popular culture. It may help to dress modestly and keep hair covered with a headscarf. Usually, men on the street will go no further than catcalls but if feeling unsafe, expat women should be able to call on a local female passerby to assist.

Will I be able to drink alcohol in Egypt?

Though it isn't always easy to find, expats are free to indulge in a drink if the mood strikes them. Very little alcohol is produced locally and there are strict limits imposed on alcohol importation. Imported alcohol is also very expensive. If looking for somewhere to grab a drink, tourist or resort areas are the most likely places to find such establishments.


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