Most expats working in Egypt are based in Cairo. As Egypt’s largest city, it is also the location with the most employment opportunities and plays host to a more conspicuous expat population.

That said, unemployment levels are high, and expats may have a hard time finding a job. Still, there are a few positions where a foreigner may find a niche.

Job market in Egypt

Job types vary widely, but most expats don't move for the financial promise that makes other global destinations attractive. The most common occupation for expats working in Egypt is teaching, both in private schools and English language schools.

Egypt boasts a robust oil and gas market, so international companies with operations in the country will often hire expats in various roles, including project management, geology and engineering. As a growing global sector, IT and software development is another in-demand sector in Egypt.

Volunteers and employees for NGOs make up another substantial part of the expat community. Other industries that draw expats are tourism, finance, healthcare and media positions.

Finding a job in Egypt

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It is far better to be hired from outside Egypt before relocating than to arrive in Egypt unemployed. If the latter is the case, the best bet for finding employment is through a personal connection.

Expats hired from overseas to work in Egypt often enjoy a higher salary paid in a foreign currency, while expat employees hired from within Egypt tend to be paid in the local currency and earn much less. Networking is an important part of the Egyptian business culture, which functions largely on the premise of personal contacts and recommendations.

Online job portals and local recruitment agencies are also possible sources of employment opportunities. Expat social media groups can also be a fantastic resource for those seeking English-speaking roles.

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Work culture in Egypt

Business in Egypt is conducted in a formal yet friendly and personal manner. Punctuality and a smart appearance are important; suits and ties are worn by business people, and women should dress modestly.

Expats in Egypt must be respectful of the local Islamic customs. Many Egyptian business people are not available during Ramadan, and as Friday is the Islamic holy day, the working week runs from Sunday to Thursday.

English is widely spoken and understood, but a basic knowledge of Arabic will be appreciated. People with titles should be addressed using their title and surname. Business cards should be printed in both English and Arabic, and if someone offers their card, expats should treat it with respect.

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