Most expats in Egypt send their children to one of the country's many international schools. Though fees tend to be high, international schools in Egypt can ease the adjustment process for expat children as they can continue with their home-country curriculum in their home language.

This also allows for an easy transfer to schooling back home, if need be, and culminates in highly respected school-leaving qualifications, including the likes of the British A-Levels, the International Baccalaureate Diploma and the American High School Diploma.

International schools are also often favoured for the excellent facilities and broader range of extracurricular activities on offer. These activities include dance, drama, robotics, coding, and public speaking, allowing international school students to develop into holistic beings. Expat parents are encouraged to ensure that they choose an area or suburb that will be near their children's school and their workplace to avoid long commutes.

There are several international schools in Egypt for expats to choose from, offering a diverse range of curricula. Most of these are in Cairo, Giza and Alexandria. Below are some of the top international schools in Egypt.

International schools in Egypt

School children pointing at globe

American International School in Egypt

Boasting more than 45 years of educational experience, the American International School in Egypt (AISE) is a premier educational institution leveraging a technology-embedded approach to build tomorrow's leaders. AISE offers both the American and International Baccalaureate curricula and integrates pedagogical approaches such as project-based learning, design-based thinking and STEAM learning. With the aim of holistically developing students, AISE's facilities include premium sporting facilities that feature a swimming pool, gymnasium and a regulation-sized soccer field.

Gender: Co-educational 
Curriculum: American and International Baccalaureate 
Ages: 4 to 18 

British Columbia Canadian International School

An accredited British Columbia Certification institution, British Columbia Canadian International School (BCCIS) aims to develop socially responsible students. The school's curriculum is designed to create enthusiastic learners, while its safe learning environment encourages creative and scientific thinking. BCCIS also offers Arabic Studies to give its learners an opportunity to fully engage in the local culture.

Gender: Co-educational 
Curriculum: Canadian (British Columbia) 
Ages: 4 to 18 

The British School of Egypt

The British School of Egypt (BSE) offers the British curriculum with a student-centred approach called Complete Well BSEing. This involves a distinct focus on academic, physical, social and emotional and spiritual well-being to ensure that students learn to live well. BSE boasts excellent academic results and beautiful facilities that include a swimming pool, theatre, ICT rooms and science labs.

Gender: Co-educational 
Curriculum: British (English National Curriculum, Cambridge IGCSE and A-Levels) 
Ages: 2 to 18 

Canadian International School of Egypt

The Canadian International School of Egypt (CISE) offers its students the Canadian Ontario curriculum and a complementary range of activities that serve to develop students into knowledgeable, creative and caring global citizens. This international school offers inquiry-based learning to help students uncover their strengths and interests. CISE prides itself on providing both English immersion and French immersion programmes to ensure its students gain a truly international education.

Gender: Co-educational 
Curriculum: Canadian (Ontario) 
Age: 3 to 18 

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