Areas and suburbs in Delhi

Expats moving to Delhi will find themselves in a sprawling city woven into a web of dozens and dozens of areas and neighbourhoods. While each has its own unique and charming characteristics, it's important to know what's what in this often intimidating metropolis – especially as a newly arrived expat looking for accommodation.

Delhi can certainly be an 'insider’s city' in that valuable information about which neighbourhoods are best for shopping, sightseeing or living is often only available through word of mouth. Expats moving to Delhi will most likely be drawn to neighbourhoods in South Delhi where other foreign nationals are concentrated and have formed a community over the years. There are plenty of options, depending on price, priority and location.

Areas and suburbs in Delhi

Golf Links

This is one of the more affluent neighbourhoods in Delhi. The homes are large, luxurious and well-guarded. Many businessmen and diplomats call this area home. Golf Links is well situated with regards to amenities such as shops, restaurants and various other entertainment facilities. The area is popular with a range of different demographic groups from young professionals to expat families.

Jor Bagh

Jor Bagh contains a large, well-established expat community. Properties here are spacious and suitable for expats moving to Delhi with families. Jor Bagh's main market is a good place to shop and the area has a number of parks and open spaces which is great for those with children. 

Sainik Farms

A handful of expats choose to live here for its spacious farmhouses and gardens. Because it’s technically an unauthorised colony, amenities like water and electricity connections can be fickle and often difficult to repair. The area has a charm to it, stemming from the more peaceful quality of life it offers residents. 

South Extension (South Ex)

South Ex, as it's commonly known, is a popular expat neighbourhood. Here expats will find lots of modern accommodation options to choose from, including small apartments and larger, more spacious condos. South Ex's residents have access to some great shopping facilities as well as restaurants and bars. There is plenty to keep people entertained here and it's a good choice for young, professional expats. 

Vasant Vihar

Vasant Vihar is just to the south of Chanakyapuri and is home to many diplomatic missions. For this reason, it is one of the most popular residential neighbourhoods among expats. Housing here is luxurious but pricey. There are a number of good private schools in the area.

Katherine Ernst Our Expat Expert

Katherine Ernst moved from Northeast Ohio, USA to New Delhi, India, where she now lives with her Indian fiancé and his family. She currently works in International Education, guiding American college students who are in New Delhi for several months as part of their college educations. Soon, Katherine will experience yet another aspect of Indian life as she plans her multi-day Punjabi wedding. Read about Katherine’s adventures in New Delhi, India as well as her wedding in her blog: My Delhi Adventures.

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