As in most major cities, there are many shipping and removal companies in Delhi offering complete relocation packages from almost anywhere in the world. Expats are usually restricted to how much and what they can import from overseas duty free, and it is often more cost efficient to buy new items in India.

On the one hand, a lot of accommodation in Delhi comes either fully or partly furnished, meaning it's often unnecessary for expats to ship over their furniture. On the flip side, many stunning pieces of art and furniture are cheap in India and may warrant major shipping back to one's home country when expats leave. When purchasing expensive items, expats should take out shipping insurance and are advised to do so through a company other than the one used for shipping as this ensures reliable coverage.

For smaller packages of essential items, expats should consider airfreight, which is more expensive but much quicker than the several weeks needed for sea routes. 

Hiring an international removal company

When choosing a removal company for shipping to or from Delhi there are several factors to consider. We recommend looking up reviews and selecting a reputable company that also offers insurance. In some cases, it may be best to get insurance cover from a separate organisation.

The extent of the services available should be looked into. Check if the company will pack everything, take inventory, carry out basic assembly of furniture upon arrival in Delhi, as well as deal with all customs formalities.

Costs are a major consideration when shipping goods to Delhi. Removals companies will survey everything that needs to be shipped and make a quote based on the size of the shipment. It's worthwhile to get several quotes for comparison before deciding which company to go with.

We recommend going through a relocation company that offers a complete relocation package with services in global mobility as well as immigration, schools and accommodation support.

Duty-free shipping to Delhi

In some cases, Indian citizens and expats planning on becoming formal residents in India may be granted exemptions on shipping. Importing personal and household goods to Delhi may be allowed duty fee. There are some exceptions to this, so we recommend expats consult their removal company and the Indian government’s baggage rules before finalising their shipment.

An allowance for sea and airfreight may be granted to expats working in Delhi, and it could be worth negotiating this as part of a relocation contract.

India has a strong e-commerce sector, and expats may want to buy products online while staying in Delhi. We recommend always checking the related fees for shipping and delivery when shopping online.

Shipping pets to Delhi

Pets can also be brought to India as long as their documentation, vaccinations, microchipping and other requirements are in order, but it is a good idea to use a pet relocation service to avoid customs hassles. Expats who go it alone are advised to read official regulations closely, as these change often.

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