Expats with children moving to Lagos will have a lot to think about when it comes to education and schools. Most parents in Lagos who can afford it send their children to private international schools in Lagos, of which there are a number to choose from. The majority of these schools follow the British, American or International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

Public schools in Lagos

Public schools across the country battle with underfunded infrastructure and limited resources; this is no different in Lagos. On paper, the education system appears well rounded, teaching a range of subjects at primary and secondary levels, with opportunities for vocational training. In reality, though, standards are poor; families who can afford private education prefer to send their children to these fee-paying schools. Private schools in Lagos largely consist of schools following an international curriculum.

International schools in Lagos

The quality of education at international schools in Lagos tends to be high. Many of these schools are also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and offer a healthy selection of extra-curricular activities.

Expats living in Lagos should be aware that education at international schools comes at a high price. We highly recommend that expats working in Lagos negotiate tuition allowances in their employment contract. Admission to the best schools in Lagos is competitive as space is limited. It's best to start application processes as early as possible.

Nurseries in Lagos

Expats moving to Lagos with infants will discover many daycare centres and crèches as well as preschools. Finding the best-suited kindergarten in Lagos will likely depend on the area in which it is located and how far it is from one's home as traffic can be chaotic. There are many nurseries in Victoria Island and Lagos Island, areas where expats are likely to find themselves living.

Special-needs education in Lagos

Despite a push for integrating special-needs education with typical classrooms, most schooling opportunities for students with disabilities and disorders are limited to separate schools. Greater awareness is being raised for inclusive education, and some international schools in Lagos provide extra support, such as counselling and assistant teachers. However, the standard and extent of these services will vary and not all schools have the same capacity to provide for a full spectrum of needs. We recommend that parents contact the schools directly.

Homeschooling in Lagos

Homeschooling in Lagos is possible, though the laws and policies guiding it are minimal. Most local and expat parents choose traditional schooling, but homeschooling comes with its own benefits. International schools come with exorbitant fees while, with homeschooling, parents can have full choice over the curriculum and style of teaching. 

Many international schools offer a homeschool programme or distance learning element, and this is an additional option and source of useful materials.

Tutors in Lagos

Parents with children needing extra classes can find tutors through private tutoring companies in Lagos or through online portals such as TeacherOn. Networking can also benefit parents to connect with other families and teachers for advice on tutoring options.

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