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on 1 Oct 2020

I would like to plan my budget for relocating to Lagos. I am thinking of moving to Nigeria in the next few months but am considering my living expenses. How much do electricity, water and other utilities cost in Lagos? How much is rent and how often much rent must be paid up front when securing a lease agreement in Nigeria? What about the prices of groceries – where is the best place to find discounts and decent prices for quality food? Are transport options expensive in the city?

Anonymous (not verified) on 1 Oct 2020 - 08:55

Hi Smith, yes the cost of living in Lagos is high, in fact, Mercer's Cost of Living Survey rated it the 18th most expensive city out of 209 cities in 2020 to live in. Accommodation will likely be your largest expense, and contracts are typically on a two-year basis. Landlords often ask for a whole year of rent to be paid in advance, or at least several months. This may vary according to the landlord, and may be negotiable. However, if you already have a job lined up, particularly in a management role, employers typically contribute to accommodation expenses. It is worth discussing this with prospective employers.

Will you move with children? Do you need to consider school fees and related education expenses? Transport is relatively affordable, though you may want to consider the options available, such as hiring a personal driver, if an employing company does not offer this benefit. To help you start planning and give you an idea of numbers, please see our page on Cost of living in Lagos.

I hope this helps!

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