Keeping in Touch in Japan

Expats can rest assured when it comes to keeping in touch in Japan. The island nation is known for its advanced technology. Thus finding ways to communicate with loved ones back home is easy and affordable.

Internet in Japan

Hundreds of internet service providers exist across Japan, all offering different services and high-speed internet. Prices vary by type of service, term of contract and current promotions, with some of the most popular internet service providers including Asahi Net, Softbank and NTT Docomo.

Internet cafés can also be found throughout Japan (and can be especially useful while waiting for internet access at home). Typically, it costs a few hundred yen an hour, or a set price for a certain number of hours.

Mobile phones in Japan

Japan is a leader in mobile phone technology, and with cheaper VoIP and mobile options becoming more popular, landline telephones are slowly being phased out. Softbank, NTT Docomo and AU are the three main mobile providers. Both contract and prepaid options are available with prices and plans varying by company, phone, plan, contract and current promotions. Some store locations have English-speaking staff, but many do not.

Postal services in Japan

Have a letter or package to send? Simply take it to a local post office (Japan Post). International shipping costs are reasonable; generally less expensive than in the US. Keep in mind that most post offices, except those in large cities or main city offices, close early on weekdays (between 3pm and 5pm) and are completely closed on weekends.

Ashley Thompson Our Expat Expert

Born and raised in the Northwest Washington State (USA), Ashley Thompson crossed over the ocean to Japan two years ago. After a year and a half teaching English full-time to high school students, she currently spends her time writing, blogging, learning Japanese and experiencing the culture first-hand (with some occasional English teaching thrown in). She also enjoys playing in the great outdoors and beautiful Japanese nature with her husband, David. Her blog, "Surviving in Japan", is devoted to providing unique and helpful resources and how-to's to help other expats moving to, or living and working in Japan.

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