South Korea could be called the high-speed internet capital of the world. Currently, 97.4 percent of the population uses smartphones. In addition to the impressive internet availability, mobile phones, landline phones and the oft-forgotten postal system are all reliable and affordable in South Korea.

Although most are in digital form, there is an array of English newspapers and publications in the country, thanks to the large expat community in Seoul. Keeping in touch in South Korea will likely be a pleasant and simple experience for expats. 

Internet in South Korea

South Korea ranks as having one of the fastest internet speeds in the world, surpassing even its biggest rivals, China and Japan. Nearly every citizen has access to reliable, high-speed broadband through the extensive network of fibre optic lines in the country.

KT Corporation, SK Broadband and LG Uplus are the most prominent internet providers and offer good service at affordable prices. Expats wanting to set up an account will need a Residence Card.

For people on the move, internet cafés, known as PC bangs (rooms), are everywhere in South Korea, and many are open 24 hours a day. Expats will have no problems getting computer access if they require it, even in the most remote areas. WiFi is also freely available in many public spaces. 

Telephones in South Korea

There are three telephone and mobile operators in South Korea: SK Telecom, Korea Telecom (KT) and LG Uplus. All three offer exceptional customer service available in English.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are by far the most popular means of communication in South Korea.

Affordable contracts are available in addition to prepaid options. Many expats sign up for a two-year contract with the least possible amount of call time but with unlimited data. If they then leave before their contract has finished, some will pass on the phone contract to someone else, usually another expat that has just arrived, or simply cancel the contract for a fee. 

To sign up for a contract or a prepaid phone, an expat will need their Residence Card and passport. Anyone who doesn't speak Korean is advised to set up the terms of their agreement in Seoul, where employees are more likely to speak English.

Postal services in South Korea

Despite being such a digitally connected country, the South Korean postal system has maintained its efficiency. International postage is not outrageously expensive, and postcards can easily be sent in bulk without costing too much. Although many expats choose to receive packages at work so that they can sign for them, packages are also delivered to people's homes or their apartment buildings.

As a direct result of South Korea's strong economy and the presence of large multinational companies, courier services within South Korea are fast and reliable. Many international courier companies such as FedEx and DHL have offices in the country, in addition to local options such as Madhur.

Print media in South Korea

As a result of the large expat community in South Korea, several English-medium newspapers and online publications are available. There are some printed national newspapers that are distributed in larger cities, including The Korea Herald and The Korea Times, which also have English websites.

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