There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for settling into expat life in a new country, but here are a few helpful articles and personal stories that may help make your move a little easier.

Maggie is an educational consultant who has been living and working in Buenos Aires for many years. Her speciality is school selection and placement for international families coming to live in Buenos Aires, as well as College Admissions Consulting for international students looking to study in the… Read more
Moving abroad can be challenging at the best of times. Moving to a country with a vastly different culture and language than your own can come with even more challenges. Rebecca Hoffman, a Danish expat living in Buenos Aires, shares her experiences and gives advice for … Read more
Argentina is a destination that continues to pique the interests of expats looking to move abroad. Here are five things you should know before moving to this beautiful South American country. #1 Argentine Spanish is nothing like the Spanish you learned at school According to the Argentines… Read more
Amelia is a photographer from Toronto, Canada. After visiting a friend in Buenos Aires, she fell in love with the vibe and energy of the city. Soon after the visit, she made her own move to Argentina. Since 2011 she's been living in Buenos Aires with her two dogs Enzo and Santo. She now… Read more
Rebecca is Danish but has fallen in love with Latin America. She decided her international undergraduate programme with Spanish was not enough, so she moved to Argentina for her Masters. This Viking-turned-Latina can now mostly be found strolling the streets of Buenos Aires. Rebecca shares her… Read more
Jorge Juarez is an Argentinian-born American who moved back to the country of his birth to find a better life. He now lives in Cordoba Capital and is studying to be an English translator. He loves the combination of peaceful farm life and bustling city life that can be found in Cordoba Province,… Read more
Dan is an American chef who moved to Argentina to be with his spouse. He loves the European feel of Buenos Aires, where he lives, but misses the occasional New York City bagel. About Dan Q: Where are you originally from? A: United States Q: Where are you living now? A: Buenos… Read more
Vina is an American expat living in Buenos Aires. She moved there to become an English teacher and liked it so much she stayed! Vina loves the slow pace of the city and the passionate people in it. Read more about expat life in Argentina in our Expat Arrivals Argentina country guide or read more… Read more
Murphy is an American expat living in Buenos Aires. Having initially moved to the city to study, he has been living and working in Buenos Aires for the past six years. He loves the mix of Latin American charm and European flare of the city, as well as the friendly nature of the Argentine people.… Read more
After battling with piles of paperwork, one expat lives to tell the tale of dealing with ‘tramites’ in Argentina I am currently working on obtaining permanent residency in Argentina, which seems to be an endless stream of tramites, fingerprints, background checks… Read more
Advice from a Spanish teacher and her students by Sandra Gonet Learning the language of the country in which you choose to live can be difficult but is not impossible. Usually, expats start studying Argentine Spanish (which is referred to as Castellano in Argentina) with much… Read more
Steve, an American expat living in Argentina, finds life in pastoral Patagonia simple but rich. After eight years of extended visits, he finally bit the bullet and relocated permanently in 2011, and has since settled into a slower, more laid-back way of living. Read more about expat life in… Read more

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