When considering a move to a new city, there is nothing more useful than hearing real life stories and experiences from other expats who have lived there. We'd love to hear about your expat experiences. Please contact us if you live or have lived in Australia and would like to share your story.

Sami has had a few different professions, but she’s been in the medical field for the last 16 years. She loves to travel and meet interesting people. She’s always been artistic and has dabbled in everything from knitting to painting, but her latest venture is up-cycling furniture by painting it. Read more about her expat experience in Perth.
Marvin Coleman is a Scottish expat living in Melbourne with his wife, Robin, and their two sons. Together, Marvin and Robin run a mortgage brokering business which specialises in helping expats to secure mortgages and buy Australian property. Read more in his interview about his expat experience in Melbourne.Australia%20Marvin%20Coleman.png
Six years ago, Lara Davis left Cape Town, South Africa, for another vibrant coastal city in Australia. She has proceeded to fully immerse herself in the sunshine and hustle of one of Australia's most beautiful places. Lara talks to Expat Arrivals about working, studying and navigating expat life in Gold Coast, Australia. Read more about her expat experience of the Gold Coast.
Karen Bleakley moved to Brisbane from the UK in 2014 with her husband, four-year-old twin boys and her two-year-old daughter. She is a travel writer and helps expats navigate their new lives in Australia through her blog. She and her family love their outdoor lifestyle in Australia and can often be found at the local surf club, in the pool, or having fun at one of the many local parks. Read more about her expat experience of Brisbane.Karen Bleakley
After moving to Australia in 2012 for a working holiday, American Katie Dundas fell in love with life down under and years later, she still calls Sydney her home. Read more about her expat experience of Sydney.
Libby Daniels was born to British parents in Melbourne, but lived and grew up in the UK. In 2012, she moved to Sydney. To learn more about Libby and her perspective on living down under, check out her expat experience of Sydney.
Rajiv Bedse, originally from India, moved to Melbourne in 1997 with his family to provide better opportunities for his children. After a number of years in the corporate sector, Rajiv has capitalised on his experiences of expat life to set up his own life coaching business which is aimed at helping expats further their careers in a new country. Learn more about Rajiv by reading his expat experience of Melbourne.
Mike Hawryluk is a Canadian expat living in Perth. He moved to the city with his wife and two kids to take up a job in the oil and gas industry. He provides a detailed account of some of the pros and cons of expat life in Perth. Learn more about family life in Perth by reading Mike's expat experience of Australia.  
Ed Gillian is a young Pakistani expat who moved to Brisbane in 2002 to pursue a career in Medicine. Other than Australia's high cost of living, Ed loves his host city and the Australian lifestyle. Learn more about Ed and his expat experience of Australia.
Christie Wilkin moved to Melbourne in 2010 with her husband and four young kids. She provides an excellent insight into the challenges faced by a trailing spouse and the children who follow an expat overseas. Learn more about expat life in down under in Christie's expat experience of Australia
Cosette Palenque moved from America to Melbourne in 2012 for love. In her interview with Expat Arrivals, she tells us more about the trials and tribulations of settling down in a new country far from home. Learn more about obtaining a visa, making new friends and adjusting to a new culture in Cosette's interview about her expat experience of Australia.
Tara Foster moved to Sydney in 2005 after a chance encounter on a flight which resulted in her being made a job offer in Australia. Today, eight years on Tara is enjoying her expat experience in Sydney. Read more about the pros and cons of expat life down under in Tara's expat experience of Australia.
Nene Davies is a writer who traded her home in Wales for the capital of Australia's 'Sunshine State', Brisbane in 2002. In her interview with Expat Arrival's Nene gives you her take on expat life in Brisbane and her love of the Australian 'can-do' attitude. Read more about her expat experience of Australia.

Kathryn Brewer is an Australian expat, who after living in China for four years, has decided to return to Australia. Here she shares her experiences of moving back to Australia and offers an interesting comparison between the Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai and her new home, Adelaide. Read more about her repatriation to Australia.
Kathryn Brewer - An Australian expat
Francesca is a British expat living in Australia. She moved to Sydney when her husband was transferred there by his company. Although she misses her family and friends and London fish and chips, Francesca is enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of Sydney and the quality of life that it offers. Read more about her expat experience in Australia.Francesca - A British expat living in Australia
Jo Toumazou is a young British expat, originally from London, who moved to Australia five months ago on a working holiday visa. While she misses her family, friends and a decent cup of English tea, she has adjusted well to her new life in Sydney. She loves Australia's great weather and the range of exciting activities that Sydney has to offer. Read her interview with Expat Arrivals on her expat experience in Sydney.
Henno Kotzé is a 27-year old South African who moved from the winelands and grey-blue mountains of the Western Cape, South Africa to the frenetic buzz of Saigon, Vietnam. He now finds himself under the endless blue skies and red dust of Australia. Read all about his expat experience in Vietnam and Australia.
Danielle Duffey is an American expat living in Melbourne, Australia with her husband, her five and three year old sons, and two cats. Her husband inspired the move after being posted to Australia for a two-year work contract. Read her interview with Expat Arrivals about her experiences of living in Australia.
Lara Green is a mother, blogger, writer and English expat making a new life with her family in Perth. She is enjoying the sunshine and laid-back rhythms of the west coast while facing up to the challenges of relocating to a new country. Read about her insightful take on life as an English expat in Australia.
Aubree Keys moved to Melbourne from Denver Colorado with her husband. She was a teacher back home but is so far concentrating on the expat experience and soaking up life in Australia. She keeps a busy blog on her progress and is looking forward to uncovering the strange land of Oz for her readership. Read about her take on expat life in Melbourne.
Tonia Warren has lived in Australia for nearly a decade after moving from the US as a 20-year-old. She loves the lifestyle, safety and friendly Melbournians. Get her impressions of expat life in Australia in her interview with the Expat Arrivals team.
Marcus Forster left life in the States to return to his rural roots in Victoria, Australia with wife and toddler in tow. Though repatriation after over a decade abroad can be difficult, past connections and Oz’s strong state amenities (healthcare and schools) has put a positive spin on his homecoming. Read what he has to say about life as an expat in rural AustraliaMarcus and Ashley Forster - an expat and a repat living in Australia

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