When considering a move to a new city, there is nothing more useful than hearing real-life stories and experiences from other expats who are living or have lived there. We'd love to hear about your expat experiences. Please contact us if you live or have lived in Sweden and would like to share your story.

Steve, a South African, met his Swedish wife Lovisa 15 years ago in London and later moved to her homeland of Sweden where they live with their six-month-old son. Steve is an accountant by training but works as a carpenter, while Lovisa is an architect. Read our interview with Steve, in which he shares his thoughts on life in Sweden’s capital.


Crista is no stranger to living as an expatriate as she spent the majority of her life abroad and is a third culture kid. She is currently living and pursuing a PhD in Stockholm. Read our expat interview with Crista for more on her experiences on finding accommodation through the housing queue and her surprise at the number of dairy products in Sweden. 


Anne is an Irish expat who has spent time in the UK and Germany. She moved to Stockholm in 1998 along with her Swedish husband and newborn baby. Since then she has used her experiences to enable her to set up her own relocation service to assist other new arrivals to the country. Read more about her views in her interview with Expat Arrivals

Jamie Hull is an American expat who recently moved to Stockholm with her husband and two cats. She talks about surviving Stockholm's notorious rental market, enjoying the Swedish lifestyle and restraining her love for eating out. Read more about her expat experience in Sweden.

Pia is a Canadian expat who moved to Sweden in 2011 with her husband when he was offered a job there. They live in the rural area of Kungsbacka, not far from the southwestern city of Gothenburg. Although the area they live in is quite isolated, it reminds them a lot of Canada and they find it very peaceful. Read more about Pia's expat experience in Sweden.

Pia - A Canadian expat living in Sweden

Gregor Stalinski is a Polish expat who has been living in Sweden since 1985. Though the winters can be cold and dark, Gregor thinks there are few cities in the world that can rival summer in Stockholm. He believes the key to opening the door to the local culture and making friends in Sweden is to learn Swedish. Read more about his expat life in Sweden.

Gregor Stalinsky - A Polish expat living in Sweden

Amanda Wood is a Canadian expat living in Sweden. She moved from Vancouver to Stockholm in 2009 after meeting and falling in love with a Swede. Although the initial adjustment to life in Sweden was difficult, Amanda found Stockholm and Vancouver to be quite similar, and three years down the line, she is still living and loving in Stockholm. Read more about her expat experience in Sweden.

Corinne Pierce is an American expat who originally moved from California to Lund to complete her Master's degree. She now works in the capital, Stockholm, and loves the beauty that surrounds her and the quality of life that she has. Read about her expat experience in Sweden.

Corinne - An America expat in Sweden

Ray Yee is a Canadian expat of Chinese origin who is living in Stockholm. He is a seasoned expat, having lived in Australia before making the big move to Sweden. Ray finds the Swedish government and people quite similar to Canada, which can be comforting, but which can also sometimes make him homesick. Read more about his expat life in Sweden.

Ray - A Canadian expat living in Sweden

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