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Posted by Melody Galvez
on 30 Oct 2021

Hello Expat Arrivals community!

There's a great work opportunity coming for me based in Stockholm but I haven't received the job offer yet because I am still going through the final stages of the recruitment process. However, I did the research for the possible compensation offer this company is going to give me and it's a little lower than the overall market value for this role however, they have good benefits. The company can potentially offer me SEK 35,455 with the taxes and rent and all other expenses considered is this a good enough salary to live comfortably in Stockholm? For more context, I do have some financial responsibilities back home so I'll have to spend some money which will set me back around SEK 3,000. 

Another question I have is the pricing of rent. I know that rent prices in Sweden and EU, in general, is high to begin with but I can't find consistent pricing when I do my research. My questions are: what is the average rent cost for a bedroom only rent? How about if I rent a studio apartment? If I can get a better estimate on rent cost I think it will help me better in doing the maths if the salary this company will offer me is enough or not.


Would really appreciate answers and suggestions for all of you!

Carla Verfaille on 29 Nov 2021 - 11:25

Hi Melody, 

First off I'd like to recommend a read through our Cost of Living in Stockholm page as this may give you an idea of potential living costs in the city. 

According to my research, you should be able to live comfortably on that salary, even if you are sending money home each month. Sweden is expensive and taxes are high but the benefits are very good. The salary you've mentioned is above the average salary for a single person living in Stockholm and you should therefore be able to live a decent quality of life in the city. 

For rent, you could be paying anywhere between 7,000 and 18,000 SEK each month for a one bedroom apartment. This is highly dependent on where in the city you live and how luxurious of an apartment you would like. Living outside of the city centre will dramatically decrease your costs, as will choosing to live in a studio apartment as opposed to a one bedroom. I recommend thoroughly researching your options on property portals and, if you're still struggling, it may be worth asking a rental agency for help. You can take a look at our Accommodation in Stockholm page for some advice on finding a home. 

I hope this helps. Good luck! 

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